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Scheherazade for Guys- Episode 1

Once upon a time in the west, September, 1981, I was part of a team of civilian engineers assigned to the Ballistic Missile Office at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California.  545 more words

Reducing Uncertainty

Title:                      Reducing Uncertainty

Author:                 Thomas Fingar

Fingar, Thomas (2011). Reducing Uncertainty: Intelligence Analysis and National Security. Stanford, CA: Stanford Security Studies

LCCN:    2010045291

JK468.I6 F56 2011… 583 more words

Intelligence Analysis

Discovery of nuclear weapons: an advancement in science or cause of terrorism and destruction?

Nuclear weapons are devices which can cause mass destruction. This is a result of the energy is released when the protons and neutrons, in the nucleus are either split by Fission, or merged by Fusion, both of which produce tremendous amounts of energy. 337 more words

United States

Biodefense Policy Seminar Wrap Up: Part 1

All Biodefense Policy Seminar events for Fall 2014 have concluded. Please enjoy a summary of the October 2014 event and join us for our Spring 2015 series.  352 more words

Biodefense Policy Seminar

Post-election Confessions

The 2014 Mid-term Election was… Tuesday….

Today… the New York Times… the official mouthpiece of the Obama Administration trots out this….


Does the timing look at all… suspicious…? 9 more words


History, Politics, and Those Pesky WMDs

by Doug Howard.

Although my Google Chrome home page is set to international.nytimes.com, I get my best news from Facebook. The New York Times… 1,004 more words