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Leading From Behind, Obama's Foreign Policy of Inaction

Over a month ago in June 2014, as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) took over strategic cities in Iraq, the Obama administration sat on the sidelines, pondered on what to do. 679 more words

U.S.Politics & Policy

Persecution of Children: There’s Money In It

Some Politicians Are Ogres That Feed On Children

Honourable Members need to read on, to determine their appropriate categorisation.


A Troublesome Fantasy

       Children & Kronos Inc.  901 more words



WISDOM is hidden in words,
Its latent power can activate and penetrate the mind,
For good or bad causes,
Depend on which side we stand! 67 more words

The Puzzle of MH17

I have been trying to get my head around what actually happened when flight MH17 was blown down over rebel held areas in the Ukraine. It is hard for me to understand the motivation that any side in the conflict has for bringing down a civilian airliner carrying passengers far above the war zone. 341 more words

Climate Change

ISIS Using Chemical Weapons, Kurds Say

This is from Joe For America.

First the liberals berated President Bush saying he was wrong about Saddam Hussein  having weapons of mass destruction.

Now the liberals will be saying President Bush failed to find and destroy the weapons of mass destruction. 561 more words

Westeros and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Note: This post contains spoilers from both the book series and television show.

By my count, there are two kinds of WMDs in A Song of Ice and Fire… 548 more words