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Let's Hope We Find A Cure! - Part II

Before I start, if you are looking for Part I, it isn’t posted yet.  The reason being it refers to a disease that is also spreading across the country, but the one I am going to talk about now has exceeded it in epidemic proportions. 631 more words

Of Sleeping Dogs and WMD

The late Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction are back in the news, and they’re proving an embarrassment to both sides of the debate about the Iraq War. 817 more words


Gareth Porter: When the Ayatollah Said No to Nukes

In an exclusive interview, a top Iranian official says that Khomeini personally stopped him from building Iran’s WMD program.

BY GARETH PORTER   ForeignPolicy.com 2,417 more words
Military Madness

Iraq's WMDS did exist, Karl Rove blamed for coverup

Mark Levin challenged Conservatives on his radio show yesterday to pick up this story and go with it. He opined that few sites would because Karl Rove had his long nasty fingers in the coverup, and Fox in particular would not go near it. 452 more words

War On Terror

Thursday Numbers

Thanks for dropping by The Western Word. Get prepared – your free dose of knowledge awaits!

“Thursday Numbers” is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with sarcasm) just to make you smile, shake your head, or make you send me nasty e-mails or Tweets. 392 more words


Report: United States kept secret its chemical weapons finds in Iraq

(CNN) — The U.S. government suppressed information about chemical weapons it found in Iraq, and several servicemembers were injured by their exposure to those weapons, The New York Times is reporting. 533 more words


The tyranny of western liberalism

Unless you have been living on a different planet for the past few decades, the violence and extremism of Western liberals must by now be a source of curiosity and horror. 831 more words