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Discussing The Need To Counter Nuclear Terrorism

“An unconventional threat requires an unconventional response…  we face a new dimension in the fight against terrorism.” 

~ IAEA Director General Mohamed El Baradei~

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'The World Around' With Anant Mishra

The Silence of the Shepherds: Living In Sin with Nuclear Weapons

Michael Gallagher

Thanks to my Irish heritage, I have my fair share of the melancholy of the bogs.  It’s true we Irish joke a lot, but that doesn’t mean we’re optimistic.   917 more words


The “Double Nuclear threat” posed by ISIS

Dirty Bomb or Nuclear suitcase? These are according to experts the options ISIS seeks now for performing huge attacks in the west. Last year, an ISIS militant has claimed that the group is now in possession of a nuclear weapon.

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Daily News

CBRN terrorism: threats and the EU response

Written by Piotr Bąkowski

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) terrorism is a form of terrorism involving the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). … 167 more words


Talking Politics with the Appliance Repairman...

We had someone out to the house today to repair our washing machine. The guy was nice enough & he did fix my washer (yay!). He was kind of a burned out hippie type person. 656 more words

Sotto and Saddam, October 20, 2002

THIS is my reply to Sen. Vicente Sotto III’s letter to the editor the other week. The masa that revolted against Spain was not led by vacuous actors but by patriotic thinkers; the… 827 more words