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This is for all those career oriented girls who, in the rat race of corporate sector keeps herself busy with work and yet being fashion freaks crib every morning about the monotonous and boring clothes they are supposed to wear for work.

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L'oreal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Eye Shadow Quad #220 Blues

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L’oreal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Eye Shadow Quad #220 Blues…

Produc features :

ONE:L’oreal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Eye Shadow Quad #220 Blues… 10 more words

Hypocrite David Cameron wants to stop working people fighting for their rights

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Digital by default, that’s what the CONDEMS keep telling us! That’s why they shut ALL 240 HMRC walk in enquiry centres because taxpayers can go on the internet to get their problem sorted. 587 more words

Shameless - Workfare Exploiting Charities Slam The Benefit Sanctions They Are Responsible For

In an act of breath-taking hypocrisy, the Salvation Army, along with the YMCA, have both signed a letter to The Times calling the current benefit sanctioning regime unfair and counter-productive. 319 more words

Welfare Reform

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    First the Lib Dems pretending they didn't really like the Bedroom tax, now this. What next ? Iain Duncan Smith proposing benefit increases ?

wearing > pleated heart skirt

I’ve had this skirt hanging in my closet for weeks. It’s a smidge too big and I struggled to find a complimentary top so on the ‘to wear’ pile it languished. 51 more words


Review Eye Makeup - L'Oreal Wear Infinite Taffeta #405

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L’Oreal Wear Infinite Taffeta #405. Wear Infinite Duos take the guesswork out of blending exciting eye color highs and lows. 11 more words

Re-beaut: Powder vs. Liquid Foundation


For the first installment of the Re-beaut series we are starting with a foundation competent of many women’s make-up collections –Foundation! Foundation is one of those products that it is so important to get right because you’re putting it all over your face which is a sizable amount of surface area when it come to makeup. 323 more words