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Opening up to the world and receiving it's ( very colourful) blessings

Art , Fashion and the power of the muse

Here’s Sue Kreitzman and Sue Bourne the producer behind Fabulous Fashionistas. Sue K is wearing a coat I made for her inspired by the African Goddess Mami Wata. 748 more words

Making Things

Making Fabulous Fashion for a Fabulous Fashionista

My oh my , how I’ve been busy! I’ve barely had time to breathe since I started on this path of making wearable art for the wonderful woman  and… 234 more words

Making Things

Tę koszulkę namalowałam kilka miesięcy temu z myślą o mojej siostrze. Idea wyszła dość spontanicznie ale gdy Kasia zobaczyła efekt, uznała, że jest ona nieco zbyt mroczna dla niej :) Cóż, idealnie dla mnie ;)) 52 more words

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Berger went MAD

Soon after she purchased a pair of Chanel earrings in a Paris flea market at the age of 13, Barbara Berger began collecting costume jewelry. An exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in Manhattan displays her extensive collection of work by noted designers such as Christian Dior, Oscar Del La Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel, amongst others. 124 more words

Wearable Art

Twice daily Facebook auctions for the week of Monday April 21st

The Art Made Food Facebook Page hosts two, twelve hour social media auctions daily that start and end at 8am and 8pm Denver time. If you like Facebook, you’ll love… 92 more words

Lampworked Glass Art