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Beautiful In It's Time?

I didn’t post last week.  In typical me fashion, I vacillated between worrying I had let people down, and worrying no one even noticed.  I started several posts, but each one felt either artificially cheery or like I was vomiting on a page.  235 more words


Second Cup of Joe - Isaiah 40:28

Isaiah 40:28 -Do you not know? Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. 720 more words

Weight Loss

Still with the smiles on,
holding hands in merry.
Acting like nothing’s wrong,
while the soul goes all weary!

Thanks to the outer skin,
covering up all the scars, 107 more words


Refreshment for Parents with Broken Hearts

Today’s blog is a visual one. It’s purpose is to refresh the hearts of parents with broken hearts. On my weak and weary days with my daughter who struggles with substance abuse, mental illness, self-harm and suicidal thoughts I was so distressed I couldn’t concentrate to read much or function at my normal capacity. 248 more words

What You Can Do

Simple Treats: Almond Meal Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Coconut

I have to admit that lately I’m feeling a bit worn out. Although I actually enjoy cooking and baking, it just seemed too overwhelming in the midst of all of my work lately. 322 more words

Fearlessness: Walking with the Shield of Faith

Sometimes life can give us more than we can handle. There are moments when our burdens topple the smooth plans we have made for our lives. 297 more words

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Safe in the storm"To walk truly fearlessly in the face of life’s threatening storms, we must fully place our trust in God. He wants us to see if we really believe what He says in His Word. And it begins with our simply releasing our lives into His hands." (Quote from reblogged post below by "The Daily Way). We place our trust in a lot of things but it's not until the storms of life hit and the bottom falls out that we really find out just who or what we've been trusting in all along. And way too often, we've placed our trust in everything but God--we've placed it in other people (e.g., who we know, our family, our friends, etc.), our jobs, our possessions and/or our money, our status, our education, and our own abilities and skills. However, when the bottom falls out and we find ourselves walking in the dark, that is when we make the choice to let go of everything we've really been trusting in and truly trust in God and God alone, no matter how that storm takes to navigate. In my case, that includes walking through over five years now of unemployment while living in the "Land of Plenty" (e.g., America). So who or what is it that we really trust? God has a way of showing each and every one of us who or what we are trusting in besides Him. And who or what we trust in is clearly shown by how we respond to any challenge that faces us. Do we trust in other people and/or everything we can grab hold of when the storm hits hard? Or do we trust in God alone who sees beyond all our circumstances and wants us to place our total trust (in fact, our very lives) in Him alone? And that choice is always ours to make . . . . Photo credit here