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19- Bio-Dome


This 1996 Gross out/Comedy starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin fulfills both genre promises, but it’s still terrible. We learn a valuable lesson about the consequences of ecological responsibility, the importance of sexual boundaries, and respect for the dead. 23 more words


Weasel (likely ermine) and snowshoe hare

Typical 2X2 loping of a weasel with erratic spacing between lopes and the characteristic bounding gait of a snowshoe hare with the large hind feet placed ahead of the front feet (going from left to right). 16 more words

Tracks - In The Snow

Peanut butter lover

On our excursion into the Minnesota north woods this week, we were directed to a particular feeder in Sax-Zim bog where many people had seen Great Gray Owls. 325 more words


Adorable ermine pops out of tree

This incredibly cute animal was spotted popping its head in and out of a tree in the woods in Michigan. This early-Disney-movie-esque animal may just be one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. 227 more words


Don't Swing a Dead Weasel if You're Not Going to Use It

It is no coincidence that no language in human history has ever coined the phrase: as useful as a dead weasel.

In fact, if you’re on your way to do something and you think to yourself, I could really use a dead weasel for this, you’re probably about to do something that falls somewhere between foolish and a felony. 397 more words