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Bringing Ol' Bessie Home

Took a road trip the other day up near Gig Harbor, Washington, two and a half hours away. It was a great day out. The sun was shining and the water of rivers and streams was smooth like glass every where we went. 234 more words


Grandma's rug weft

When I looked deeper into my box with rags cut for weaving, I found a ball that seemed to have at least two colours in it. 434 more words


Christmas Tree Card

I had to make a quick entry here as I do like this card. The green cloth of the tree is from some finger towels I wove back several years ago, but they just didn’t look as nice as I envisioned them. 83 more words


Fabric Sample Jacob's Ladder

So I did try again with the Jacob’s Ladder fiber swatches. I was hunting the container with finished items for the sale (and no it hasn’t been found yet) but I did find the big bag of matting left over from framing prints while we were in England. 1,006 more words


Building a Tapestry Inspiration Wall

Happy to report progress has been made on the new tapestry, so that’s a great big HUZZAH to me, please! Some of my dyeing didn’t turn out as expected and in a good way – the browns were redder and the rusts darker and I wanted to make the most of them and play with the contrasts of the rich blues that will be at the top of the tapestry with rust, chestnut and bronze blends below. 442 more words

Yes yes loom!

So now I’m started. As I haven’t woven with a loom for almost 30 years, I started with plain weave and poppana rags, the industrially produced thin rag weft that was so popular in the 80s here in Finland. 548 more words


Fractal Triaxial Gift

At work everyone is taking something in tomorrow for our wonderful boss. I wanted to do something with a fractal card pattern I had found and used awhile back. 240 more words