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Tech tools I like to use

I have been reflecting on my blog journey and my learning journey with regards to incorporating technology and web tools into my teaching. Incorporating technology has proven to be engaging for my students and myself, whilst also practicing a safe online presence. 109 more words


Filming Discussions - the digital fish-bowl

There is nothing I enjoy more, as an English teacher, than a rousing discussion about a poem! In the past I have regularly used what I called poetry circles to encourage students to talk about poems, in a circle. 330 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Differentiated Tasks and Flipping Foward

One benefit offered by technology is the ability to offer students differentiated tasks, and to administer this relatively painlessly! You can do this on Moodle by setting conditional statements, which release particular assignments to students based on performance on other assignments, and this can be very handy, but a bit of a nightmare to set up! 324 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Big Huge Labs

This is where I spend majority of my work and school life!

I organize and provide academic support resources to UO Student-Athletes.

Additionally, you can find me here after hours, before hours, and (let’s be real) during my hours working on my EMPL courses.

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