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Perpetual Beta (Delicious)

In my second blog post, I will discuss the sixth pattern of the web 2.0 principles that required constructive behaviors from users by O’Reilly which is “Perpetual Beta”. 298 more words

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Power & Web 2.0 culture

As the semester closes and I reflect on the past months, I seem to have more questions than answers. My feminist persuasion and affinity for focusing on power relationships informs the questions I ask, and as for the answers…well…I tend to discover more questions. 159 more words

Full and Upright Position: How That US Airways Tweet Maybe Violated Revenge Porn Laws

On Tuesday afternoon, an extremely graphic photograph was tweeted from the official US Airways account. And by ‘extremely graphic,’ I mean a picture of a naked lady with a model plane in . 252 more words

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Using Google Voice in the classroom

Are you one of those teachers who wants your students to have access to you, but you really don’t want to have them friend you on facebook or have your personal cell number? 21 more words


Web 2.0 design pattern - perpetual beta

This week I will discuss O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 perpetual beta design pattern. Perpetual beta outlines a shift from the traditional software development cycle of building, testing, releasing and then never-changing the software again. 1,483 more words


Smash the rash use of the hashtag.

Don’t be offended by my frankness; I’m not here to abuse you on your bashing of the hashtag, I actually want to give you advice.  After all, hashtags can be very useful and are a great way to  288 more words