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When everything turns sour you have to be stronger than ever , when your life seems some kind of punishment you have to fight against all odds and when things are more than an uphill battle is because you are going to reach the top of the mountain. 241 more words

Web 2.0

როგორ შეიცვალა მედია სივრცე

უხსოვარი დროიდან ადამიანები ცდილობდნენ ჰქონოდან ინფორმაცია მათ გარშემო მოვლენებზე, საგნებზე, სხვათა ქცევაზე და ა.შ.
დღესაც ჩვენი ცხოვრება წარმოუდგენელია ინფორმაციის გარეშე, იქნება ეს ტელევიზიით მიღებული, გაზეთით თუ სხვა ნებისმიერი მედია საშუალებით.

Coffee Break Time: "How Web 2.0 sites make money"

This is Homework # 14 for my Web 2.0 course @ccsf. This gives us the opportunity to take another coffee break. More reading material while we have another rich cup of coffee. 57 more words


Web 2.0: Innovating Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Due to my keen interest in Web 2.0 technology, I have actually made a name for myself in my university in implementing Web 2.0 in my teaching and learning process. 454 more words

WEB 2.0

Safe Net, Alternative Net, Dark Net. You choose!

Everything you do on the ‘net is monitored and moneyed, generally without you knowing it! A sobering thought isn’t it, and as the tendency today is to use internet for virtually everything, from filling out tax forms, banking, shopping, cooking recipes, to video calls with the family, etc, you’d be right to feel concerned about the secureness of internet as well as its neutrality. 1,057 more words

Everyday Life

A Digital Worksheet is Still Just a Worksheet

Recently, there have been a number of tech tools that have been created to help enhance teacher productivity and improve assignment workflows in the classroom. Take, for example, … 723 more words


Digital Trend - Internet of Sharing Things

The rise of the sharing economy over the past few years has shifted mindsets and traditional business models. Consumers are much more open to renting items and services from individuals instead of established businesses and organizations. 371 more words

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