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Collaborative Culture in the World of Web 2.0

Original article published for TEDxKEA, availble here : http://tedxkea.com/collaborative-culture-in-the-world-of-web-2-0/

Illustration: Dovile Montvydaite

 Today’s world is a globalized one; a throbbing interconnected web of ideas, people, urban sprawl, movement, life. 609 more words


Walking in a multimedia wonderland

In our DITA lecture today, we have learnt about Application Programming Interfaces (API), which are used to create a simplified programming platform which can be used to share data between web services.   909 more words


German and more!!

I am a teacher of German as a foreign language and I am interested in learning and using the 2.0 web tools in my class. I hope that the digital tools will make my lesson more attractive to my students as well as more creative!


Madagascar : le web 2.0 en pleine croissance

Auparavant, les entreprises européennes en quête de société offshores pour des services de développement web 2.0 se sont tournées notamment vers les pays maghrébins, Maurice, l’Inde et La Réunion. 344 more words


Webolución: red en constante cambio

¿Qué es lo primero que haces cuando te despiertas? ¿Revisar tu feed en facebook, tu timeline en twitter o tu dashboard en tumblr? Probablemente hayas respondido sí a al menos una de estas opciones. 518 more words

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a social media infographic?

So going through my Tweets this morning I came across this infographic:

Oh goodie! A list of important social media stats. I am a sucker for lists and a sucker for stats so this is going to be right up my alley. 426 more words


Graphics Training

This training is being conducted by Walter from SPC.