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Apple has now added DuckDuckGo as a search engine choice in Safari if you are running OS X 10.10 Yosemite. You might want to use this search engine instead of Bing, Google, or Yahoo for several reasons. 135 more words


How to Use Chrome's Parental Controls Feature

In this tutorial, we will teach you and you will learn how to use Google Chrome’s Parental Control feature. 174 more words

Web Browsers

When It Comes Time For The Upgrade

Your computer’s been pleading for the system upgrade for a long time now. A very long time. It was never insistent, but it kept asking, pointing out how the current operating system dates back so so very far, back to primitive times when the Internet was a bare-bones affair, much of it conducted on teletype machines or by throwing rocks at one another, when technical limitations required the caption on a cat photo to be sent on a separate Vitaphone-printed record. 695 more words


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Chris is a UK web designer and his website mynameischris has a very professional feel to the interface which is sleek and black. 226 more words

Web Browsers

Linux Web Browsers Review

After spending countless hours testing various web browsers, I am finished. It’s now time for the final stretch of writing about and displaying the information that I have gathered. 1,399 more words


Writing Content For The Web

The WWW is indeed the web interface through which the global interconnectivity or interconnectedness of the Internet on a distributed platform can be accessed and utilized for various purposes. 349 more words

Google Deaf to End-Users

Google is falling into the same stuck-in-their-ways pattern as Microsoft. As we all know, one of the dangers of becoming a large, established corporation is the loss of agility and innovation. 372 more words