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The Mind of Young Successful Web Entrepreneur

Starting a businss has been made very simple today. Thanks to the internet. Watch how young people sre striving towards achieving their destiny and passion.

Week Eleven

First off this week has been like one of Dante’s seven circles.

Doing my classwork – trying to realize why all the due dates were mixed up  298 more words

How to do this "kids entertainment thing" right

I was on a panel at GDC this year called “Monetization of teens in a safe and legal way.”  I was joking before the panel that it sounded like “How to make money off of kids.”  Then I found out that it was QUITE the… 502 more words


GeekDad interview

My colleague, Bill Shribman over at WGBH, interviewed me for GeekDad.com recently.
Here’s a snippet:

You threw my daughter out of Animal Jam when she was making plans to meet a friend for lunch, which I thought was a pretty impressive catch.

164 more words
Online Community

Week Ten

Ok – this week was on the SEO: Landing Page Optimization and Website Optimizer.

I though my website looks great starting out! Everything was well organized and there were pictures and descriptions. 210 more words

Google Adwords

03/10 Adwords


Adwords is Google’s advertising platform. It enables you to be able to show up on the side or above of relevant search results. 178 more words

Web Business

Book review: "Digital Adaptation" by Paul Boag

I’ve often said that web design is 33% web design, 33% human resources, and 33% management. The everyday site viewer has no idea of the internal politics, the staffing issues, and the work that can go in to something as simple as the inclusion of a contact email address in a site’s header.* Web designers who go into the job thinking that our career involves minimal human contact and maximum creative output learn very quickly that the truth is just the opposite.

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