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Choosing a Host

I Really enjoyed this lesson that we had this week I learned a lot from it had a lot of good material.

This week I was compering Host for website builders and I learned a lot from a lot of them I started to research some because there is a lot of them and they are a lot of great ones. 263 more words

Lesson 3 Weekly Reflection

This week was a bit of a roller coaster ride for me. I got looking into building and hosting a website for my business and did A LOT of research. 573 more words

Web Business

L03 Weekly Reflection - Project 1

This biggest thing due this week for the B250 class was project 1. It was a large excel worksheet that had us come up with 20 business ideas, and after researching the keywords on Google AdWord’s Keyword Planner, narrowed our ideas down to the top 5. 261 more words


B250 Week Two

I am starting to think that taking a Web Business class and a Web Design class at the same time wasn’t a very good idea for me. 273 more words

Internet Business

Week 2 Reflection - Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Affiliates, and Drop Shippers

This week we focused a lot more on the various types of companies there are to choose from for our project.

I learned about the differences between manufacturers, wholesalers, affiliates, and drop shippers. 424 more words


Business Week 2

So for this week, we had only really learned about drop-shipping and affiliated styles of business. These types of business actually do interest me, because we don’t really worry about inventory and I would be making money on others and even better yet indirectly. 74 more words


Lesson 2 Weekly Reflection

This week I got to learn A LOT about drop shipping and affiliate marketing. I looked into them a lot more than the other business models because these are the ones I was considering for my own online business. 490 more words

Web Business