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No License Required

This week we dived into the legal aspect of starting a web business. We looked at which type of business to establish from a legal perspective and we investigated licensing and taxes. 427 more words


Personal Reflection: Week 5

The major focus that I have spent hours and hours on this week was the creation of my website.  All I can say is, “wow”! I’m so proud of how it has developed and I have learned so much on word press as that is my content manager.   278 more words

Web Business

Tutorials tell you how, Experience tells you why

“What do you offer?” A potential Web Dev Business Coaching client recently asked me. It was a great question and a good opportunity to explain to people what I actually do. 1,199 more words

Web Business

How to make good decisions

There are days when you will feel like things aren’t moving forward. You will feel stuck. If you let it, this can lead to anxiety and then panic. 777 more words

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It's lonely at the top

If you ever work for yourself or have employees, one thing you’ll experience is, that it gets lonely. The reason it gets lonely may surprise you. 870 more words

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Anytime is right to fix a bad project

Fixing a project that has gone bad is more about, not reacting, than reacting quickly. Your knee jerk reaction might be to shoot back a heated email or go straight for the jugular and shut down the site. 778 more words

Web Business

PayPal and Other Mysteries

This week we looked at site design guidelines and investigated using Paypal to accept credit card payments on our sites.

Site Design

I feel I had a step ahead of the rest of the class on site design from the graphic arts, typography and web design classes I have taken while attending BYU-Idaho online. 353 more words