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Web Design Trends of 2014

Trends in web design always seem to be a popular topic because they are always changing. Just Creative points out some of the hottest trends of 2014, along with some of the trends that we would all probably like to see less of. 151 more words

What is Responsive Design, and do I Really Need It?

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a method of design that allows your viewers to easily view your website with minimal effort from desktop to laptop to tablet to mobile, regardless of platform or orientation. 186 more words

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How to Pick the Best Color Palette for Your Project (with 5 Color Resources) by Kristina Zmaic

There’s no doubt that color plays one of the most important roles in how your brand is perceived by your audience. I could talk about color theory and color psychology until I turned blue-in-the-face, but what’s the quickest and easiest way to start exploring color palettes? 739 more words

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How to Make a Visually Engaging Website

Have you ever thought about what makes a website visually engaging? What draws visitors in and keeps locked into your content? Web design is a lot more than making a website look good. 547 more words

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Move on from these Outdated Web Design Trends

We all know how fast paced the technology industry is, what’s hot today won’t be tomorrow. This is why, as web designers or graphic designers… 417 more words

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