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Is Web Development Bad For The Environment?

No, right?

I’ve read enough speculative fiction to know that eventually machines will occupy all the arable land on earth and humans will starve to death in their underground resistance pods, but what about, like, my lifetime? 535 more words


Five Tips for Avoiding Heartbleed on the Cloud

Cloud-based security is, in my opinion, generally easier than if you run your own website from servers and try to manage everything yourself. That said, there are things you need to do when a new threat such as… 260 more words

Web Development

A very opinionated update

It has been 2 months since my last update on Theodorus. A lot of things happened during that time. I worked on 3 different small-scaled projects; I’ve gotten myself into a serious relationship (with a girl!) and became  coerced to my paying job but finally I found the time and inspiration to add a small feature to the project – opinions instead of comments. 201 more words

Web Development

Driving with FaceBook

Driving with FaceBook is dangerous. I realized this my first day free of FaceBook on my phone. During slow traffic times where I perceived it to be safe from all hazards, I found my hand doing what it does commonly while in traffic. 271 more words

Zachary Stimpert: Artist, Entrepreneur, Tech Expert

Zachary Stimpert is a multi-talented technology professional, capable of demonstrating expertise in a variety of fields. As an artist, Zachary Stimpert has shown a special talent for the creation of thought-provoking pieces in multiple formats. 225 more words

Zachary Stimpert

Knockout JS - Separate Model from View Model

Knockout JS follows a MVVM approach. In the simple examples the ViewModel seems to hold two kinds of things:

  1. attributes of the Model object
  2. functions operating on the Model – typically via GUI interaction…
  3. 54 more words
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