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Feeling Renewed

My inner self longs for peace, love, serenity and wholesomeness. This stubborn self isn`t happy being disobedient. How amazingly wonderful it is if only I have high self-control. 218 more words


Moving My Posts from Old Blogs

Hello readers,

Recently, I have been trying to reorganize my life through reorganizing things that can be called as simply little things in one`s life. Despite the minimal changes I am hoping to create like transforming my room to a cleaner and fresher environment, I am positive that with small, good and positive acts, big and great changes can occur. 228 more words


12-shot Sequence


This is my 12-shot sequence video. It is my first ever video that I have ever made, produced, edit, and all. I want to say thank you to my great friend Allie, who is the fantastic actor for my “Making Hot Chocolate” video. 13 more words


Greenlight Questions: Nick Norie

1. What’s your name?

I’m Nick Norie.

2. What grade are you in, Nick?

I’m a sophomore here at Regis.

3. Where are you from? 307 more words