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A Pulse In The Ruins -- Generalplan Suden

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This chapter contains scenes of violence, death, fleeting graphic violence, mild body horror, psychological and existential distress, and suicidal ideation. 16,708 more words


Chapter 8

Chapter 7Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

Paramesh screams. Until his throat is raw, he screams.

Fey, halfway up the walk to his door and regretting the decision to come here (

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Chapter 7

Chapter 6 | Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

“Is she okay?” Quin asks, nodding at Fey. He’d hardly had time to tell them he was their third partner before class started.

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Seven: On the Run

“Is it clear?” Jeff asked.

From their stomachs, the twosome glanced over the edge of the garage’s roof to the ground below.

“Nothing.” Steve’s eyes swept the entire yard. 1,646 more words


Chapter 6

Chapter 5Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

Author’s note: I’m dropping the date stamps until it changes significantly — like if we were to jump to 2014 again.

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Entry #14: Trust No One

Entry #14: Trust No One

I talked to Sadie and Neal to get their opinions before deciding I’d return with Billy to the village. We had some motorbikes in the camp and enough fuel to make it there and back – so I re-blindfolded Billy and rode out of the camp. 1,190 more words

Fictional Journal Of Ben Smith

Chapter 5

Chapter 4Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

Early September 2012

“Shit,” Fey says when she sees the house guest Paramesh already has.

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