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He Says She Says - Incremental Success With the W5500

I’ve done low-level write and read routines for the W5500 and patched them into my test program. In theory it should be listening for a connection on socket 0 and printing the IP when a connection is established. 695 more words


5 Common Web Hosting Mistakes

Mistakes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you can learn from other people’s mistakes it can save you from having to deal with them yourself. 341 more words

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In Which I Am Appalled, then Charmed, and Finally Pretty Darn Pleased

I quickly rewired the ioShield-A then started looking at the code. The C++ library for the Arduino seems over the top. There are hundreds of lines of classes and methods between you and the fact that an IP address is stored as an array of 4 unsigned chars. 1,372 more words


In Which I Express Gratitude

When I was looking at my wiznet code today I remembered that I had sourced it from Karl Lunt’s web site at


Without that code I’d never have gotten my original W5100 working nor even known where to start on the W5500. 36 more words


jQuery-Employing AJAX

In my jQuery journey so far, I have learned how to update page content with asynchronous AJAX request to the web server. This covers Loading content, Loading spans, Testing loads, Getting response, Performing request, Serializing form data, Handling failure and Setting global handlers.

W5500 - A Little Trapping Before The Cutting

I’m going to have to chop off the six pin connector that brings the signals from the Arduino to the ioShield-A because it won’t fit on the olduino. 209 more words


W5500 - A Good Beginning

The W5500 ioShield-A module worked first time once I poked at the hardware a bit.

Following the instructions here, I downloaded an updated ethernet library and picked the Web Server example. 205 more words