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Moving to a larger cluster

I’ve been building a larger version of my Banana Pi cluster. It was originally built with just four nodes, but I’ve extended it to 8. There are… 195 more words

CenOS: apache installation and httpd service management

Problem: How to install apache webserver on CentOS server? How to start/stop/restart httpd service?

Solution: The following command can be used to install Apache on CentOS 7: 105 more words


A Few More Wrappers for the W5500 Code

One to set an 8 bit value in a w5500 socket register, one each to read and write a 16 bit value

void wizSetCtl8(unsigned int ctlreg, unsigned char val){//write to a socket 0 control register
	wizWrite(ctlreg, WIZNET_WRITE_S0R,&val,1);
unsigned int wizGetCtl16(unsigned int ctlregaddr){
  union WReg regval; //spot to hold the register contents
  return regval.i;
void wizSetCtl16(unsigned int ctlregaddr, unsigned int ctlregvalue){
  union WReg regval; //spot to hold the register contents
… 34 more words

Incremental Improvements to the W5500 Access Code

My W5500 access code works but it’s mildly awful. This is not the fault of the W5500, it’s my clumsiness and peculiar style. One of the awfulnesses is the rigamarole around sending a command and checking for completion. 274 more words


Arduino Wifi Shield Hack with Ehternet Shield

This project is combination of Ethernet and WiFi. The author says “wifi shield is too pricey”.

So, the project design like wifi shield with ethernet shield and wifi modem. 22 more words