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Features of Cheap Web Server in Colorado

For both the private and the shared hosting services you must need a dedicated server option that has plenty of benefits as well. The virtual private server type has the web hosting done to all types of the users in accordance with the other networks as such. 200 more words

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Blocking Hosts with Bad Behaviour via iptables & ipset

I recently made a small Rails based private¬†content sharing¬†application for a few friends and I to use. The idea is that we can share cool things without resorting to email or instant messengers, which invariably make things very hard to find when you’re searching in future. 542 more words


Security threat - Security misconfiguration

Good security requires having a secure configuration defined and deployed for the application, frameworks, application server, web server, database server, and platform. Secure settings should be defined, implemented, and maintained, as defaults are often insecure. 633 more words


New Domain Name Bought

I just bought the domain name yhoiseth.com. I’ve got a working web server which at the moment only displays a dummy site. Currently, I’m working on configuring my Apache web server and get a real site up and going.

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Ah, maybe not.

Thinking about the code i was going to have to add to hide the secret number in the data stream it seems like a lot of work. 194 more words


Bagels Game

I’ve been working on a web-based version of the “Bagels” number guessing game from 101 Basic Computer Games. I have it working but it’s not very compelling. Needs something…


Refining the Bagels Server

The Bagels Server is currently a single-user thing. It keeps the secret number in a global variable and compares all incoming traffic to it. You could play from multiple browser sessions but everyone would be guessing the same secret! 383 more words

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