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Ah, maybe not.

Thinking about the code i was going to have to add to hide the secret number in the data stream it seems like a lot of work. 192 more words


Bagels Game

I’ve been working on a web-based version of the “Bagels” number guessing game from 101 Basic Computer Games. I have it working but it’s not very compelling. Needs something…


Refining the Bagels Server

The Bagels Server is currently a single-user thing. It keeps the secret number in a global variable and compares all incoming traffic to it. You could play from multiple browser sessions but everyone would be guessing the same secret! 382 more words

Web Server

Apache Web Server: using mod_jk

This is a guide to use the JK module (mod_jk connector) for connecting from Apache Web server to app server (tomcat).

This setup uses the AJP protocol between web server and app server. 579 more words


Speeding up the Bagels Server II

I thought about rewriting the whole wiz_WriteN routine in assembly but it’s tricker than you’d think and seems fraught with possible errors at the start and in later maintenance. 1,060 more words

Speeding up the Bagels Server

Most of the server’s time is spent transferring data to and from the wiznet card. The protocol is a big part of the issue. For each byte to be sent you have to transfer four bytes over SPI: the first byte is the write opcode, the next two are the address in the wiznet bufer(which advances for each write) and the last one is the byte to be written. 318 more words

Apache web server: using mod_proxy module - a basic setup that works

These instructions were based on a LINUX (CentOS) machine, but should be more or less similar elsewhere.


You may want to:-

1) Serve dynamic content served from application servers like Jboss, weblogic, etc… 391 more words