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5 Modern Retail Tactics to Woo Customers

Do you think your kind of business would not do well online? Well, think again. Regardless of what kind of business you run, you can definitely implement these 5 modern retail tactics to woo and keep your customers… 949 more words

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Mobile apps and medical industry

Technology has a say in every business and medical is no exception to this rule. Doctors create tons of data; every patient has some data and together hundreds of patients make a load of data. 20 more words

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Why airports move to the cloud and the Internet-of-ABC eGates

Airports’ new cloud’s-eye view on infrastructure management is beginning of Internet-of-ABC eGates and Kiosks.

This wasn’t a mature option a few years ago; it’s now happening. 464 more words

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Customized software can improve business efficiency

Give your business a boost by helping your executives in performing their duties. Executives wait for information, documents and data and this is what slows down their performance. 19 more words

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Post Install Apex Metadata API Configuration Solved!

Since I created the Apex Metadata API I get to help all sorts of folks building many different and cool things with it. One that is quite common is to automate… 1,467 more words


A Look in the Life of a Website Designer

Many people imagine that website designers live in houses full of the latest gadgets and sophisticated computers. While it may be true for some, it’s not necessarily true across the board, unfortunately. 213 more words


Remember The Services You Used to Use? Take a Second Look

While this may not be a greatest hits compilation, a recent conversation with a friend led me to re-try a number of services I used to love.   508 more words