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DNS Errors May Cause Web Site Problems

The solutions for DNS Errors and Website Problems?

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DNS Propagation

I need Help from My Author Friends - Has Anyone Heard of this Web Site?

I received a Google Alert this morning for my book FIREFLIES. When I looked at the alert, there was a link to a web site to download my book for FREE. 30 more words


The Five Parts to the Development stage

The Five Parts to the Development Stage

  1. Build development framework.
    1. This is when unique requirements might force you to diverge from the process. If you’re using Ruby on Rails, an ASP/PHP framework or a content management system, now is the time to implement it and get the basic engine up and running.
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Web Design Process

More foreign language tracking: vocabulary words

When creating my language learning website Language on Track, I wanted to add some other features in addition to goal tracking to really make it a nice set of tools to help study foreign languages. 402 more words


Products Designed To Build Your Custom Web Site

In the past all web site builder products were much the same, which meant all websites were also very similar. Once one kind of software for web site building was released, others simply followed suit afterwards without much difference for some time. 352 more words


Creating an E-Commerce Website That Really Sells

Creating an E-Commerce Website That Really Sells

When creating an e-commerce website, there are a number of things that any business owner should bear in mind. 451 more words