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Website design and building in the S25 area of Sheffield

Let me show you how to build you own web site using wordpress.  I have found wordpress to be the simplest and most flexible web site building tool. 344 more words


"Home interior" ავეჯის დამამზადებელი კომპანიის ვებ-საიტის ბრიფი

      ამ პოსტში წარმოგიდგენთ ავეჯის დამამზადებელი კომპანიის “HInterior” ვებ-საიტის  ბრიფის მოკლე ვერსიას. კომპანიას    სურს  მოიზიდოს პოტენციური მომხმარებლები,  გაზარდოს ცნობადობა საზოგადოებაში და შესთავაზოს მაღალი ხარისხის პროდუქტი და მომსახურება ,რაშიც სწორედ კარგად შექმნილი ვებ-საიტი დაეხმარება. 21 more words


A virtual caravan: Follow this blog!

If you are a member of FreeWheelers, another chapter of RVW, or are just interested in learning more about women and the RVing life-style, consider joining our “blog caravan”! 139 more words

Web Site

Web Design and SharePoint coming up soon.

Hi Share your requirements for web pages and SharePoint issues here, we will soon be providing solutions so get connected with us.


Making a Site

Recently, I agreed to make a wordpress site for my sister Phillipa Kavanagh. The content is current but we are still ironing out some of the visuals and will have to chose a new URL but it’s coming along well and almost finished. 75 more words

Wanna talk writing? Get possessed by the Lit Demon

The very cool folks over at Cease, Cows have branched out into a new venture and launched a literary community called Lit Demon. Part resource for writers and part online workshop, the site provides “connection, instruction, information, and maybe other -tions we aren’t able to list.” Their workshops include live webinars, one-on-one instruction, and self-paced writing courses, and the rest of the website offers writers discussion forums, a blog on literary issues, editing and book design services, and otherwise general awesomeness. 174 more words


Change is good

We may not like it but we are constantly in a state of change.

Some change is hard.   For instance, It’s time to upgrade my iPhone but I have to upgrade my Mac’s operating system first, which I’ve put off because if I do, my database management software isn’t supported and it will need to be upgraded too.

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