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Cockpit of the C-130J Hercules transport aircraft

The C-130J is crewed by two pilots and a loadmaster. The new glass cockpit features four L-3 display systems multifunction liquid crystal displays for flight control and navigation systems. 636 more words

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WestSide SEO + Key Categories

Driving online traffic to your website can be confusing and misleading, especially with all of the information out on the web. Sometimes it’s hard to clearly understand the best approach for your site.   126 more words

Cloud Computing

Amazon and Their Robots!

On one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, thousands of bright-orange, pancake-shaped robots are buzzing around Amazon’s shipping centers, rushing to fill the company’s Cyber Monday orders. 139 more words

Cloud Computing

WestSide + Computer Networks

A computer network is made up of many computers controlled by one central computer and interconnected via a network.

Networks can be classified based on their scale such as: 137 more words

Cloud Computing

Creating Dynamic checkboxes with knockout.js

Today we are going to discuss a little about Knockout.js. Specifically when you are trying to create a page that loads checkboxes being dynamically created by some data source. 811 more words


A minimum HTML5 Document

Below is a simple HTML5 document, with the minimum of required tags:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<meta charset=”UTF-8″>

<title>Title of the document</title>



Content of the document…… 6 more words


5 Things You Already Knew About JavaScript

Here are the five basic facts about JavaScript:

  • JavaScript is a scripting language produced by Netscape for use within HTML Web pages.
  • JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language…
  • 16 more words
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