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Top 6 trends and technologies that’s changing our future!

We have heard that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, however, what is driving our innovations in modern times, is more than just necessity, it’s our “need” for futurization – meeting the technologies that we see in Sc-Fi movies! 718 more words


Web Trends for 2015


This repeats a lot of trends similar to the previous 2014 article I posted but this includes a few new things.

Web Design

Web Designer vs Web Developer Infografic

Există o mulțime de articole care fac diferența îmtre web designeri și web developeri. De obicei, se vorbește despre diferența dintre cele două profesii. Unii, chiar încurajează ca designerii să facă și coding, iar developerii să facă și design. 75 more words