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CBS News Streaming-Video Service Is Nearing Launch

A new 24-hour video-streaming service from CBS News, which has been gestating for more than a year, is nearing an official launch, [...] The service, which would give CBS News a presence in the ever-quickening news cycle beyond TV properties like “The CBS Evening News,” “CBS This Morning,” “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours,” could debut in coming weeks, with reports from several outlets suggesting the launch could take place by the end of October or closer to Election Day. 58 more words

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Is it finally time to cut cable?

[W]e felt like we were being taken advantage of. We paid for 160 channels, but we really only watched shows on 20 of them at most. 117 more words

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None of your favorite shows would have existed in an a la carte cable world

If people start cutting cords in large enough numbers, it will send cable providers into panic mode. And when major corporations panic, consumers suffer. À la carte programming is a great option in theory, but it’s a terrible thing to force upon people, which could happen in a worst-case scenario. 62 more words

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What if Yahoo or Alibaba bought Netflix? Brace yourself, it might just happen

During an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop” Friday, explained that a dangerous combination of Netflix’s enticing subscriber base — which just passed 50 million globally — and an increasingly competitive online marketplace has marked the company as a prime target for acquisition. 132 more words

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Dish and Turner's Fight Reminds Us That TV Still Hasn't Changed

One day, the TV business may look radically different from how it does today. For now, it looks a lot like it has for many years: TV networks sell big bundles of programming to pay-TV distributors, who make bigger bundles and sell those to pay-TV subscribers. 417 more words


Hulu, Fullscreen, Maker Studios Execs Talk Subscription Streaming Challenges

“I’m wondering as there are more subscription services, are they attempting to take business away from other competing subscriptions services, or are they taking business away from transactional services?” said. 70 more words

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FX's "Simpsons" Streaming Service Is Finally Launching Tomorrow

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, fans of the long-running Fox series will be able to watch all 552 episodes whenever they want. FX announced the launch of Simpsons World, available through the FXNOW App or SimpsonsWorld.com, which will allow fans to access every single episode to date, trivia facts about the show, and new episodes the day after they air on FOX. 64 more words

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