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40 Web Design Blogs To Follow In 2015

40 Web Design Blogs To Follow In 2015 | Elegant Themes Blog.

If you are looking for inspiration on web design, there there is an ocean of it in these blogs.

Open pdf new window from service ajax using angularjs

For some reason using $resource won’t work using responseType: ‘arraybuffer’.
On view:

	<a href="#" ng-click="buildPDF()">{{somescope}}</a>

On controller:

$scope.buildPDF = function() {
				$http.get('http://some rest service/pdf',{headers: {'AccessKeyId': 'accesskey'}, responseType: 'arraybuffer'})
				    .success(function (data) {
					    var file = new Blob(, {type: 'application/pdf'});
						var fileURL = URL.createObjectURL(file);

Graduation requirements adjusted for class of 2016

The graduating class of 2016 will be required to meet a new set of credit requirements in order to graduate.

Counselor Meg Kozar described the credit changes that will be implemented for this year’s junior class. 195 more words


Pay Me To Do Your Homework: Website Encourages College Cheating

Saginaw, Mich. — A New York-based company is raking in the dough and not offering apologies for a service that helps students cheat their way through college. 280 more words

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Websites, work, and blunt pencils

Today in my lesson I spent a lot of time working out ideas for the brief given to me for my final assessment for my Web Design unit: … 321 more words

Web Design Unit

Project Spartan

AROO! If you didn’t hear Microsoft’s announcement last week, Windows 10 will showcase ‘Project Spartan’ for its browser, replacing the long bundled bane of web developers existence, Internet Explorer. 188 more words