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Consejos para una mejor redacción en Internet.

El arte de la redacción Web.

El cambio de la escritura a través del tiempo no ha sido corta, desde la escritura en papel hasta la virtual, siempre nos expresamos en palabras, pero la diferencia entre cada época es el canal utilizado para hacerlo. 457 more words

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How to create responsive typography

Creating responsive typography is a hard thing to do and not many web designers rather don’t talk about it at all. In order to provide the best experience for your users as possible, you better not avoid this subject. 614 more words


Waiting for loading splash-screen to disappear in a Web UI automated test

One of the most annoying things when automating Web UI tests is the loading splash-screen. The reason behind this is that the browser tells you that the page has loaded and the test continues – searching for web elements, trying to click on some, get the text from others and you get different types of issues: 317 more words

Object Map

Learning to be a developer!

    So I’ve decided a few months back I wanted to jump ship in the hardware world and learn the software side. As I was doing a course for basic web design, I found that I wanted to do this full time. 444 more words


Elixir + OAuth 2.0 Client


I was trying to playing around Google’s BigQuery, but couldn’t make it work around OAuth 2.0 authentication with Elixir.
It provides limited functionalities yet, but the above oauth2ex provides some authentication features with some OAuth 2.0 providers like Google, GitHub and Dropbox. 24 more words


The Abhimanyu Chakra's! :D

Web-art! :)

Spiders are usually thought of as creepy and their webs fraught with irritation. But well then nature comes up with something like this to suddenly make you stop, take notice and wonder if this is not beautiful wonder what is?! 103 more words