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CCLab_first jQuery


Please view by Chrome. And use full screen view(“command or control” + “shift” + “F”).

I want to use jQuery to make a interactive Freak Einstein. 35 more words


Bootcamp_Final_Design x Web

design x web final

I combined my design and web final together. So I designed an experiencing website for demonstrate “Hollowness”design philosophy. The technology for this website are css, html and javascript. 10 more words




My work is use css and html to create a navigation page for my social media which, are my Behance, LindedIn, Instagram and Dribbble.

Check it out! 8 more words



This is my first try in css and html. It’s a really simple website.

Check it out!



Comment with Sticker on Your Facebook

Setelah sukses dengan fitur sticker pada chat, Entah kapan mulainya, kini fitur sticker juga telah tersedia pada bagian komentar. Tentu saja hal ini menjadikan aktivitas komentar di facebook semakin menarik bagi sebagian orang. 125 more words

Tokoh Islam

Best of the Web - All About Stats

Today’s Cool Site of the Day is Gapminder, a remarkable site devoted to making statistics cool and useful. Gapminder World shows the world’s most important trends about health, wealth, the environment, and a lot more. 9 more words

Social Ideals of the Internet

“Our social connections until now have almost all been constrained by geography and atoms: the real world. These constraints feel natural to us because that’s exactly what they are.

519 more words