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Web 2.0 - engage!

Here are some links to some excellent Web 2.0 resources that you might like to use to enhance the teaching and learning of your students, and get them more… 178 more words


What Can You Do With Technology In The Classroom ?

As part of my BEd upgrade I have explored a variety of  Technology tools. It is important to remember that technology is a tool when educating not a babysitting device! 27 more words

My Sore Thumbs: Part 1

Remember Blackberry thumb?  It was a malady that surfaced in the early 2000’s with the popularity of the Blackberry phone, afflicting people who became “addicted” and didn’t want to part with their device.   456 more words

New Media

Advent of Web 2.0 and Growth of Collective Action

Earlier this week I read the first few (6) chapters of Clay Shirky’s book – Here Comes Everybody. In 140 characters or less: Web 2.0 has transformed the way we produce, consume, and react to media content. 712 more words

Anonymous on the internet

….No one knows you’re a dog!

….You can surf the web in your pajamas!

These expressions as old as the internet – which isn’t THAT old.   377 more words

New Media

What do we give up when we’re connected and what to do about it?

“The tools we use shape us as much as we shape them: we ought to think about our role in controlling where we want this dynamic to go”.

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