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Boots, Boats & The Ark, Or Too Much Responsibility For 1

I broke down today and bought the one thing I swore I would never do, not even here. I bought rubber boots, Wellingtons, Wellies, goloshes or whatever else you want to call them. 234 more words

German's Rule That Incest Should Be Legal

HuffPost - It may not be “good” for the family, but a German ethics panel said incest should still be legal. NBC News cites a new  259 more words


Animal Observations

This last week students observed our classroom critters to learn more about biotic and abiotic factors in their habitat, to see their physical characteristics up close, and to look for physical adaptations they may exhibit. 20 more words


vegan pumpkin spice (the starbucks meeting)

Jude arrived at Starbucks (minus his fedora) several minutes early so he could order a coffee. After arguing with the Barista about why they couldn’t make him a vegan pumpkin spice latte, he settled for a hot tea with Equal. 514 more words


Coming to a pond near you - the capybara

Once upon a time there was a lagoon in the middle of Rio de Janeiro with a pop star resident – a 183-pound female capybara. A capybara is the largest rodent on earth, resembling a huge guinea pig. 1,130 more words

The Animal Kingdom