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The Drove: The Conversion!

The Drove! New Every Wednesday!


Page 33 - The Groundskeeper

And we’re back! If you’re lost or new, here’s a link back to PAGE 32. It was nice to have a little break and clear my head a bit. 268 more words


news is scary

Some people treat politics like sports…cheering for their favourite side, citing statistics to bolster their arguments, turning complex situations into bite-sized play-by-play, cheering on their heroes and hissing at the opposition.  22 more words

Webcomic Wednesday - Number Ten

This week’s dose of comic-y goodness comes from the wonderful Gemma Correll. She has a myriad of funny pictures, including a Monday Punday! Check her out and have a giggle. 44 more words


103: Evaluation Thing (2)

Esme always smiles whenever she catches Basil blushing. Or whatever you’d call smiling with your eyes.

Scramble Bouquet

Code Basis Wk. 7 - Paint The Town

Hello Friends!

Can you believe it? 7 weeks. This is actually a thing now, hopefully you’ve been enjoying the ride.  Thank you to all that have been liking the pages that come out every week.  91 more words

Comic Books


Posting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

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