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Superhero Spotlight 2: Wondervixen

 This is the second of our new feature where we take a closer look at our characters. This week it’s the turn of Sally Joanna Sabrina Vixen, better known as Wondervixen… 1,064 more words


An Oscar Mayer Christmas

I decided to redo this comic from a few years ago that I made for my sister. This is based on a somewhat true story, with the exception of the color of my stocking. 13 more words

Comic - Leo's Debut #3

I just finished with this one…Coincidentally, it represents my current mood a lot.  My brother just threw a ice cold bucket of water over my head with regards to the viewership & potential (lack of) popularity of Leo’s Debut on Mangafox – he is Leo, kicking me (Theo) in the rear.   37 more words


Comic - Leo's Debut #2

The inspiration for this came from my dad.  My dad has a strange habit of trying out perfume on himself whenever he tries to pick one as a present for my mom.   51 more words


My "Official" Debut as a Webtoon Artist

Yesterday, I finally got off my lazy bum, registered for a mangafox account (instead of staying as a lurker), and uploaded Leo’s Debut on the website!   146 more words