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Tales of Ordinary Baldness

I know that making Bukowski jokes is pushing the limits of obscurity, but I was never in this for mass appeal. I came up with the idea for this as a New Yorker-style cartoon a few years ago, and adapted it for MCL, as I will slowly and surely recycle every joke I’ve ever come up with. 22 more words


Dinerdate 2.0

Long ago I did a webcomic called Dinerdate, about a weird bunch of people hanging out in a diner. I ended it because it was sort of going nowhere, but I always liked the idea and for two years off and on I worked on a reboot. 85 more words


Page 42 - Giddy Up

I think this page turned out pretty good, I like the big hole in the back of the Ghoul’s head the best, though Eddie’s bucket head is pretty good too. 242 more words



Posting the best strips from the series, in order from the beginning.

Every Wednesday and Friday


Introducing DERBIE! everyone's favourite.

So, I for one am super excited for the addition of “Derbie” to the cast of this comic.  I figure- if I can go 878 comic strips with a main character who can’t even interact with physical objects, i can probably get at least twenty strips out of a character who is actually just my main character talking to himself. 99 more words

112: Balikbayan Box

inb4 people correct me on the spelling of “gwapo.” Filipino spelling for the Filipino family, folks.

Scramble Bouquet

Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Crossing Paths page 114

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Trees that eat people up and spit ‘em out…lost dogs that appear when you least expect them…there is something seriously weird going on here. 476 more words