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My Top 50 XKCD Comics (Part Two)

Here is the continuation from my last post with the remaining 25 of my top 50 XKCD Comics:


657–Movie Narrative Chart (click image for full-size version) 729 more words


A morning laugh and a request to share

Good Tuesday morning!

Please bear with me, everyone. I promise that this blog isn’t a new political cartoon/webcomic site.  I’m truly excited about the President Jeff strip that I’ve helped to create, and am eager to get it some exposure. 74 more words

Belated Vacation Post

My updates have been a little erratic due to a family vacation. Rest assured, I’m back to my normal schedule. Thanks for reading! Here’s the link to the newest comic. 6 more words


Going Green

“We attack the Army Men camp at nightfall. They will never be able to see through our disguises.”

What was your favourite toy growing up?




I made the artistic decision not to include the panel where clone-me and real-me struggle in a fight to the death and clone-me kills real-me and takes my place in society, always keenly aware of the blood on his hands, the gruesome, yet necessary act that allowed him the luxury of the live that he lives, constantly haunted by his first memories of this merciless world. 149 more words