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We went for a ride last week. During that ride, I learned of Jeff’s obsession with emergency water. You see, I didn’t realize fear of running out of water on our ride was a thing. 225 more words


Welcome Back To The Referendum

I hope that this comic will convey the thoughts and opinions of both sides of The Referendum issue. This is a very important choice for the people of Scotland to make, and I hope that it either way it will result in changes for the better. FT :)

Issue 25 pg 15

Artwork by Dan Butcher

Sponsored by Point House

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Hedgie Hates #43: One Dollar Bills

And it’s an even higher likelihood that it was a stripper’s thong! XD
Dollar bill intentionally not detailed so the feds don’t think I’m trying to launder money…..


We Try

Parenting is oh so hard.

And yes, that is supposed to be a magic carpet.


Hero - Chapter 12

Actions have consequences, even those of a hero. 26 more words