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Integrating AutoIt, Sikuli, and other tools with Selenium when running tests in Selenium Grid

A true integration for tools like AutoIt, Sikuli, etc. with Selenium would be when they are able to run under Selenium Grid configuration just like Selenium. 373 more words


Five automated acceptance test anti-patterns

Whilst being involved with lots of people writing automated acceptance tests using tools like SpecFlow and WebDriver I’ve seen some ‘anti-patterns’ emerge that can make these tests non-deterministic (flaky), very fragile to change and less efficient to run. 609 more words


WebDriver API and JSONWireProtocol is not just for web and mobile applications testing, it can be for desktop too!

And so, here’s a blog post about just that. I’ve found that the WebDriver API in general, with regards to common location strategies of ID, name, class, tag, and kind of XPath, along with element manipulations–such as click, type/sendKeys, get/set text, get attributes, mouse operations, key up/down, taking screenshots, finding elements & validating properties (enabled, visible, selected)–all that being common across web, mobile, and desktop. 327 more words


Selecting Date on JQuery Datepicker

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In this post we will see how to select specific date in JQuery Datepicker.

Its very easy to enter date as text by .sendKeys() method, but mostly when application uses JQuery Datepicker, it disables typing on the text-box. 321 more words


Handling Dates in Java

Date is one of the Important Variable type in Java, Generally we use following actions with Dates while Automating the application

1) Read and Write date in Different Format… 541 more words


Using Actions Class to perform user actions

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Today we will see how to handle series of events with Selenium WebDriver.

Now you will have question What is Series of events or actions and Where do I need while automating the application? 440 more words