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Maven profiles for testing multiple environments

You want to be able to execute your tests on multiple environments with the least amount of reconfiguring possible. Mainly you will want to be able to run your tests locally and on the grid in your continuous integration framework. 202 more words


Free Tools for your automation framework

You can build an entire automation framework without spending a penny on software. The only place where this falls down is where to place your grid. 135 more words


Alert Boxes

Speaking of tests hanging. No one likes it when an unexpected alert box pops up on the screen and sits there stubbornly waiting to be acknowledged while your tests are timing out. 52 more words


Getting around SSL approvals

Browser profiles and Selenium don’t always agree with each other. You can create a profile specifically for Selenium to use and ask it to be used each time but what I’m really only concerned about is not getting stuck on any of those pesky SSL approvals. 132 more words


Another very useful javaScript thing - Scrolling

Me: Selenium select this item from that drop-down.

Selenium: What drop-down?

Me: The one on the page your testing.

Selenium: Can’t see it.

Me: You know its there, its in your memory.

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Cannot click workaround

Another common problem:

Me: Selenium please click on this button.

Selenium: No

Me: Why not?

Selenium: Don’t like the browser.

Me: What do you mean?

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The issue I mentioned in my first post is probably the first problem a tester will encounter with Seleniums behaviour. The method getText() will sometimes work but it often will only return an empty string depending on the site Selenium is interacting with. 108 more words