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Announcing Support For Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Hungry for moar Android? We thought so. 

Announcing Sauce Labs support for Android 4.4 (KitKat)! Now you can test mobile web apps with Selenium Webdriver and native and hybrid apps with Appium using our Android emulators. 165 more words

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Checking field validations for text input using Selenium Webdriver.

Unit testing can take up a lot of time sometimes, especially when it has to be done repeatedly. Once you have tested the form fields manually, this task of repetitive unit testing can be made a lot easy by using Java Pattern Matcher with regex and Selenium Webdriver. 292 more words

Automation Testing

Commonly Used Webdriver (Selenium 2) Commands for UI testing

Recently i moved from #.Net to Java for Functional UI testing and in this post you would find all the commonly used selenium/webdriver commands that i used in my test code. 392 more words

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The multiple browser problem - WebDrivers browsers are still open after tests

Hey guys,

So you probably know this issue:driver.close() and driver.quit() doesn’t really guarantee that you browser or the driver it self will close (due to problems in the webdriver infrastructure). 250 more words

WebDriver Browser Navigation Commands

Unlike Selenium 1.0, WebDriver talks to individual browsers natively from outside the browser like real user performing the actions. Navigate is one of the feature of WebDriver with the help of which we can navigate to a new url or we can perform… 168 more words


How to practice \ get started with Selenium WebDriver?

Did he acted on… ?

Suggestion to practice your basic Selenium-Webdriver skills on IMDB.

What is the practice?
When I first started to practice selenium I looked for a cool general-web tasks which will make the learning more fun and interesting. 268 more words

Working with browser window

Browser window resizing and positioning can be done easily using Selenium WebDriver API. With the help of selenium webdriver methods like maximize(), setSize(), setPosition() one can maximize, resize or position the browser window respectively. 118 more words