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Gmail - Compose mail using selenium webdriver

Automation scenario:
1.Navigate to Gmail
2.Login with valid gmail account details.
2.Compose email
4.Verify composed email status in sent items.

Java Webdriver code

package test.selenium.gmail;
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Apache Ant Integration with TestNG

Apache ANT- To be able to create the better TestNG Report we need to use Apache Ant and Saxon Parsor..Download apache ant and extract the folder where you want to extract. 252 more words


Installtion of selenium webdriver with Test NG

Software Required: Eclipse Juno, Java 32/64 bit depends on your PC configuration, Selenium Java APIs, Selenium Browsers Drivers, Selenium Server Standalone API, JXL APIs, Java Mail APIs, Apache Ant, Saxon Parser, Test NG APIs. 822 more words


AutoIT Installtion and Integration with Selenium Webdriver

Step1.Download and install the latest AutoIT3 Production version from HERE

Step2.To create AutoIt file:

Right click on the folder where you want to create the file>New>AutoIt V3 Script. 137 more words


Simple selenium webdriver example

Automation scenario:
a) Go to http://money.rediff.com/gainers/bse
b) There will be a list of company names and their current prices listed in the grid
c) Find any company say ‘JK cement.’ and then read the current share value from ‘Current Price (Rs)’ column… 447 more words


Setup and configure Selenium Webdriver With Eclipse and Java

In this post, we will discuss how to setup and configure Selenium Webdriver using Eclipse IDE and Java.

Step – 1: In the first step, download and install JDK (Java Development Kit) in your system… 328 more words


Selenium Webdriver-Actions series1-Drag & drop Functionality

In Today’s world things are getting more simpler to end user but more complex from development & automation point of view.

There are lot of website that have come up to implement Drag & drop Features Like to select item & put in your drop box or there are education institute that provide different type of Drag & drop functionality. 210 more words