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Hide the VLC cone icon in the browser-plugin-vlc for Linux (Mozilla or Webkit) (Debian way)

The next instructions describes how to proceed to hide the VLC cone icon in the VLC plugin for Web browsers. I think this tip can be useful for another ninjas in so far as there is not a lot of information on Internet which describes this. 160 more words




Crytek 与Xsolla一起合作,为Warface战争前线提供大量精彩的新功能。以下是Xsolla集成的功能介绍:



3) 价格点和货币取决于用户的语言环境(通过IP地址和其他信息进行自动查看)。用户首先选择价格包,接下来可以顺利进行支付。

4)用 14 more words


What’s New in Node.js v0.12 – Running Multiple Instances in a Single Process

What’s New in Node.js v0.12 – Running Multiple Instances in a Single Process

An oft-requested feature is the ability to embed Node.js in other applications, particularly in ways that let it integrate with other event loops and (“while you’re at it”) with support for multiple Node execution contexts: that is, the ability to have multiple instances of Node co-exist peacefully within the same process. 332 more words


Testing Android's Browser with Safari Windows (WebKit)

Do you have to test your project on Android devices? As you probably know, Android’s Browser (at least for 4.2.2 and before – this is what I have tested) uses the… 254 more words

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Building HTML5 Form Validation Bubble Replacements

Building HTML5 Form Validation Bubble Replacements

HTML5 form validation over the last few years, and one of the most common questions I get is about bubbles. 168 more words


Roccat's New 4.3 Update

Roccat’s web browser hasn’t been heard of lately, and reading through the MacRumors’ PowerPC thread and Low End Mac on facebook, a few people were praising the new update. 311 more words


App developer warns not to enter personal info using in-app browsers due to security issue

App developer Craig Hockenberry has published an article today titled “in-app browsers considered harmful” warning both devs and users of security issues related to apps that take advantage of the feature. 392 more words