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Like Windows 8 and XP, Mavericks shares unsupported underground of Tiger, Leopard users

On the heels of one of the most successful blog posts in hittingthesweetspot’s short history, PowerPC Macs most definitely still have game, it has come to our attention that readers love stories about older technology–in particular, about their PowerPC Macs. 811 more words

History of the Fullscreen API

This is the story of the Fullscreen API, one of prefixes, capitalization, and event targets…

March–October 2007: “Shouldn’t the video API include a way to toggle full screen on/off?” … 536 more words


The Breaking Float Bug is back!

Back in september of 2010 I wrote a blog post about the Breaking Float rendering bug I found in WebKit, the rendering engine backing the Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers. 214 more words


PowerPC Macs most definitely still have game

We PowerPC Mac users can take glee at a lot of things in this day and age of mobile, on-the-go, modern computing. We all have need for desktop computers. 748 more words

Fed Up w/ Firefox

As much as I love Mozilla, and Firefox in particular, I just can’t continue to use a browser that functions so poorly and malfunctions too often (likely… 659 more words



This report is important because basis are now lined up and the process of building the application can start.

“LAST” TOUCH TO THE URI SCHEME… 353 more words


Opera is back on Linux

The Opera browser is available for Linux again, albeit just in the developer stream for now.

The Norwegian browser maker used to have something for Linux until around the time, in early 2013, that it… 254 more words