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Going Mobile with ADF - Implementing Data Caching and Syncing for Working Offline Part II by Steven Davelaar


When building ADF Mobile applications that go beyond displaying read-only data, you quickly find yourself programming Java code. If you want to use the on-device SQLite database to store data locally, for example to cache data or to enable working in off-line mode, the amount of code you have to write quickly increases, and while programming you probably realize that you are repeating the same coding patterns for each web service that you want to call to read or write data. 335 more words

ADF Code Corner

ADF Code Corner is a blog style column that provides hints, tips and coding examples for ADF developers. The content on this page ranges from easy to complex and often contain advanced programming concepts. 123 more words

Happy Easter

Wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter ;-)

We have a special Easter egg for you – our free WebLogic Virtual Developer Day

WebLogic Partner Community… 53 more words

Getting the most out of WLDF Part 1: What is the WLDF? By Mike Croft

The WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) is an often overlooked feature of WebLogic which can be very powerful when configured properly. If it’s so great, then why aren’t more people using it? 243 more words

Commercial GlassFish Support Is Back - Adam Bien's Interview with Steve Millidge

Adam Bien: What is the relation between C2B2 and GlassFish?
Steve Millidge: We’ve had a long history helping customers to use GlassFish in production environments. In fact my first ever conference speech in California was at Sun’s CommunityOne conference on Monitoring and Tuning GlassFish back in 2009, so we go back a long way. 325 more words

Improve SSL Support for Your WebLogic Domains by Olaf Heimburger

Every WebLogic Server installation comes with SSL support. But for some reason many installations get this interesting error message at startup:

Ignoring the trusted CA certificate “CN=Entrust Root Certification Authority – G2,OU=(c) 2009 Entrust, Inc. 524 more words

Migrating a Java EE App from GlassFish to WebLogic

WebLogic is Oracle’s strategic application server for the Java EE Platform. Since Oracle decided to focus on it for commercial support, and decided to leave… 312 more words