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LG is putting webOS on its new smartwatch

LG is indeed putting webOS on a watch. Android Central has directly confirmed that the smartwatch briefly teased during Audi’s CES event is running a build of Open webOS, showing that LG is exploring new uses for the software that extend beyond TVs.

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LG is making a new Smartwatch, and it runs WebOS

Last year Google announced Android Wear, which finally brought some stability in the Wearables Market, which was then an nightmare of islands with different ecosystems and horrible Hardware (Excepting the Pebble, of course). 296 more words


LG’s WebOS Smartwatch Was Indeed The Show Stopper At CES

If you invested in a Samsung Gear S, you will certainly cringe in shame after taking a look at what LG has on offer. The company in partnership with Audi (to unlock cars) showcased quite a competitor for the Android Wear smartwatch market in the form of the LG-Audi smartwatch (model number LG-W120L). 181 more words

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The LG WebOS smartwatch is real, and reportedly launching in 2016

Thanks to a connected car demo from Audi at CES in Las Vegas on Wednesday, you can take a look at LG’s newest smartwatch, which is running WebOS. 308 more words

LG's webOS smartwatch

Android Central revealed the news that Audi’s car-unlocking smartwatch (built by LG) runs webOS. WebOS with a level of maturity and polish that betrays the fact LG has been working on the UI for quite a while. 195 more words


Plot twist: That LG-made Audi smartwatch is actually running webOS

Yesterday, we were enthralled by the appearance of a LG-made Audi smartwatch that was shown during an Audi presentation, and it was suggested that the watch ran a customized version of Android Wear. 39 more words