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I also purchased sylviaschippers.com, because, well, it’s me… and I had one free domain name left from webs.com, both my domain names lead to the same site ..

Ick! My Spidey-Sense is Tingling

Embrace the Ick

SPIDERS. The very word conjures up the creepy, crawly, heebie-jeebies.

My mom taught my brother and me, as kids, to love tarantulas and snakes. 343 more words

Daily Prompt

Golden record for shorebirds

Saturday 17th January was the date for another Wetland Bird Survey. This time it was the low tide count around Portsmouth Harbour which takes place during the winter once every six years. 419 more words


Spider moves

I visit my closet more than a couple dozen times from mid-afternoon till evening. I am traveling to Orcas Island for a full week, so I am in and out, gathering clothing to fill a small black suitcase. 230 more words

Spider Stories