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Webs and Cocoons

Sunlight slipping off silken threads.
Strands spiraling out from antennaed arachnids.
Radiant wings awakening.
Sometimes scarcely visible. Sometimes broken open.
Bound. Set free.
Webs and cocoons. 35 more words


Webs of Light

Oneness will manifest in New Energy Business as Webs of Light where all is connected like the neural pathways of the brain and like a spider web, the slightest shimmer anywhere in the web is felt by the spider, which is the metaphoric representation of the creative I AM Presence, the individuated God we all Are. 655 more words



What a web of suspense
you weave, oh spider!
with your footsteps light
upon my windowsill,
binding into place
all the floating strands.
How softly you tread… 91 more words



Each morning for the past week or so,  I look at the windows.  I check the bathroom window, the bedroom window, anywhere I may catch a glimpse. 480 more words


In it to win it - win your 'Webs'

So, more free stuff!

This time it’s the chance to win one of three free copies of Webs, signed by the inimitable Lily (better practise that signature then!). 119 more words

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