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Why Nginx and not Apache.

Nginx is the first web server I learned to configure as a DevOps. Light-weight fast and easy to compile and configure. It the best in market right now.. 75 more words


Simple Web Server using Node.js

Introduction / Why JavaScript?

(you can safely skip this part if you just want the code)

I’ve been developing software for many years now, I have experimented with many technologies and many code languages. 452 more words


DD-WRT Web Server for Viewing All Network IPs

Expanding on my last post of setting up a static page, this post will create dynamic content (albeit at boot time) to be served statically using the embedded HTTP server in… 1,111 more words


10 STEPS-Wordpress Server Install

Archlinux environment 

1  .- Download WordPress install folder (zip) from WordPress site.

2  .- Install packages

     “pacman -Syu apache php-apache mariadb”

3  .- Add user to http and mysql groups. 187 more words


HAProxy - Starting proxy webfarm: cannot bind socket

Today morning when I am trying to start haproxy in one of server I got following error:

096/213653 (26549) : Starting proxy webfarm: cannot bind socket… 211 more words


Getting started with web application development using a simple Node.js webserver

Get up and running with a Node.js webserver for your web application or working website by following these simple steps. I will share a script.js file which contains the script we are going to work in this little tutorial. 337 more words


Differences between WLS 11g and 12c (12.1.2)

Here is a summary of changes and new features added in WLS 12c (12.1.2). Seems there are many config, install, diagnostic and JMX level changes as compared to 11g version. 769 more words