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What is DNS Server

Every websites are hosted in web servers. Web server is the computer machine which has all the websites hosted to that server. Once we request any website through our browser how can web server find the particular websites.let’s see how. 184 more words


Setting $PATH for Linux webserver user

The default PATH is configured in the configuration file of Apache server. For Ubuntu, Debian system, its location is:


There is also another file in Ubuntu which defines the environment variables: 59 more words


Fix: Error opening wordpress and other php website after PHP upgrade

Recent update in PHP has resulted in error on many smoothly running websites. If you are using nginx as your webserver then you would see some error like below: 290 more words


Web server & database (level 1)

This is the standard LAMP stack (GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). The most frequently deployed pattern for web server.

– Ubiquitous pattern. Any system administrator is able to deploy this pattern, while sleeping. 65 more words


Apache Webserver Installation & Configuration.

This post will help you to install & configure Apache webserver in RHEL / CentOS.

Below are my machine’s details:

# cat /etc/redhat-release 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago)

# hostname 

# ifconfig eth0 | grep -w inet
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:… 479 more words

Web2.0 - Workshop - Tutorial - 5 - Apache - Create multiple sites (VHOSTS)

Its not a food blog, its very much a piece on Apache Virtual Hosts. Just like you can have many items on your platter you can have several different sites on a single host machine running a single instance of Apache. 953 more words

Engineering And Version Control

Web2.0 - Workshop - Tutorial - 4 - Apache - Installation

When you fire your browser and request an URL the URL is looked up in a DNS server and the ip address is picked up. The browser then requests the server at this ip address to serve the request. 206 more words

Engineering And Version Control