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Marketing Keywords to Know: December 4, 2014


Definition: A compilation of video clips used to showcase a recurring theme, word, or phrase

Generally made to create a comedic effect, supercuts are montages of isolated incidents that are very similar. 101 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Websites and social-media networks; understanding the connections

Websites and many social media networks…where to start?

If you are thinking about developing an online presence for your business, you may have chatted with a few friends or colleagues about websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and a myriad of other ‘social-media networks’. 833 more words


Clients: Mary Hogan School

Longridge Editors LLC is a new official sponsor for the MHS Read-a-thon this year, though MHS parent Elizabeth Gaucher is also the managing partner and helped establish our blog last year. 175 more words


How and Why Google Collects Data for Target Marketing

Internet marketing is great so many reasons but possibly the biggest is how it interacts with marketers and users of all the sites or applications using them. 438 more words

Why Google Analytics are Important for Beginners with Websites

Why it’s hard to be successful without analytics

For people just thinking about how to create a website might seem like a nearly impossible task, well unless you are coding the site yourself that couldn’t be further from the truth. 380 more words

Marketing Keywords to Know: November 13, 2014

Dancing Baloney

Definition: Special visuals or animations incorporated into website to capture the attention of a visiting user

Marketing is at its creative high right now and while dancing baloney used to be a courtesy, it’s now an essential part of branding and messaging. 144 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know