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10 Reasons to Hire a Professsional Copywriter

If you need written copy for any reason, to help generate sales (a sales letter, RFP or telemarketing script), to enforce brand credibility (blogs, articles, advertisements), or showcase company accomplishments (Press releases, annual reports, white papers), than you need to consider a professional copywriter to get the job done right.  1,613 more words


Are You Wearing a Bag Over Your Head?

Whilst I’m not generally in favour of gross generalisations – every now and then, I feel they do nobody any harm – so here we go. 434 more words

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What responsive web design means for writers

People that roll with digital have gone crazy for responsive web design. Companies hiring  web developers to overhaul their websites are demanding that their domain be responsive, because it’s the thing to do, you know! 578 more words


5 Tips for Copywriters Who Want to Stay Relevant

Copywriters have been telling brand stories to engage and persuade customers since the 1800s when the first ad agencies and full-time copywriters emerged. And ever since that protozoic age, marketing content was written by folks on the business side while editorial content has been by journalists. 714 more words


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Keeping yourself and your writing relevant is the only way to ensure success. Good advice!

Hire a copywriter: Five reasons to call in the prose

ontent is king. Society thrives on it, businesses depend on it. So why would you waste time writing your own marketing blurb when you could call in the prose of a professional copywriter?

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Some persuasive reasons why you should hire a pro to write your important copy!

How I Started Persuasive Copywriting

I’m going to be honest with you. I never thought that I would be successful as a writer. I bought into the whole “starting artist” thing. 1,358 more words


Website Content - aUK Cosmetic Training

aUK Cosmetic Training is part of aUK Ltd, a UK based lifestyle brand which covers hair, beauty, spa, fitness, health and cosmetics treatments and products. The company required a new website to fully showcase their range of courses for beauty therapists and medics looking to train in non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, vampire facelift, botulinum injectables and ultra sound fat loss treatments. 42 more words