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The Untaught PR Task: Writing Effective Website Copy

As an aspiring public relations professional, I can attest that we are taught the basics of PR writing in the university classroom — we are drilled on… 631 more words

Website and Product Copy from MSS / Madison Corner Collective circa 2012

About Mount Salem Soap & Madison Corner Collective…

Over a decade of experimentation and research has yielded Mount Salem Soap’s premier product, a naturally-mild pure olive oil (castile) soap, which we have expanded into several different emollient-enriched and herbal blends. 856 more words

Product Copy from Mount Salem Soap's Original Site circa 2006

Why bathe yourself or your pet in unnecessary chemicals?

Having spent much of my life coping with oily skin and breakouts, I was now noticing the effects of aging. 926 more words

Another Book Review of Everybody Writes

You don’t have to be a reluctant writer to get value from Ann Handley’s latest book, Everybody Writes.

With content marketing gaining ground, more people are now on the hook for creating content through blog posts, articles and other written pieces. 613 more words

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Copying a Website to Your Local Hard Drive

Since its inception more than 20 years ago LWDD has maintained a custom web site. Where “custom” means custom html coding and scripting that meant its been difficult and costly to maintain. 160 more words


Oops! Did I Say That?

Have you ever been embarrassed by media your business has released? I mean really, really embarrassed? Whatever your experience, hopefully you didn’t end up being as embarrassed as Brent Fleck of Laurie River Lodge, who found himself suddenly thrust into an extremely public spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and then stumbling all over his tongue trying to excuse himself. 745 more words

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