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No More Porn Websites Allowed In Lebanon?

An official decision prohibiting access to some porn websites:

I am not sure about this decision and whether it will be applied forever or not, especially that many other websites were not included in the list, but I think the issue here is not about morals and ethics as much as about freedom’s limitation.


Growth Mindset and Why it Matters

I came across this Slide Rocket presentation on WhatKidsCanDo.org. If you are teaching older students or doing a professional development about mindset, this would be a great resource.   38 more words


Menstrual cup part 2

So after reading my two posts on – Where to buy your menstrual cup and my review on the MeLuna 

I thought it would be nice of me to head you in the right direction of where to find all the awesome information I’ve read and what really helped me to choose the cup for me. 118 more words

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Website Video

Here’s is some basic information about our website.


Links to landscaping

We get it. No one wants to do more work than they have to, and that includes landscaping. We can just see you now, looking out at that yellow flower, trying to remember what it’s called, and wondering why it’s not producing like it used to. 227 more words


Up and running!

We’re officially ready to roll! Let’s get hopping! :)

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My go to recipe websites

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After another horrible picture of suffering animals I decided to take the step of going vegan. Right now I made that decision for a part of my meals. 705 more words