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Email Externalities

Emails are an efficient way of communicating with others across the globe and getting things done. The problem, however, is that many email-senders do not always fully internalize the “time costs” that their emails impose on the recipients of such emails. 68 more words


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A reverse-Facebook experiment

Our friends at Facebook recently got a lot of bad press for conducting a massive and secret psychology experiment on 70,000 of its users without their consent. 145 more words

Current Affairs

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Annual Fundraising Drive: TEN YEARS MAN

We are ten years old. We are in fourth grade. We need new corduroys and school supplies.

Ten years ago this weekend, Holden and Tena and pie and I decided we'd had a stellar time guestblogging over at the Crack Den while Atrios was off, I dunno, becoming famous and respectable, and we'd set up shop here at this web site that I had that was basically some password-protected Buffy fanfiction and ranting about people who don't turn their radios down at the drive-thru window at Taco Bell.  503 more words