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That long face, those droopy eyes – Timothy Carey is unmistakable, unpredictable, and electrifying with those lizard features that became both a blessing and a curse. 163 more words

Timothy Carey

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Watson Law?

Remember Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy-winning supercomputer? According to this report in LTN (Law Technology News), IBM is developing Watson Debater, a computer that can synthesize rules and cases and argue different sides of a legal issue.  79 more words


Research at Facebook

By Mike Schroepfer, Chief Technology Officer 

I want to update you on some changes we’re making to the way we do research at Facebook. 547 more words

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enrique reblogged this on prior probability and commented:

Research about research? We are reblogging Facebook's official (and self-serving) statement in defense of its non-consensual and possibly unlawful research methods. Among other things, Facebook states that "our own research ... indicat[es] that people respond positively to positive posts from their friends." Duh? Aren't these research results trivial or obvious?

Battle of the computer-chess engines

Albert Silver recently conducted a fascinating computer experiment — a chess tournament between the Komodo 8 chess engine (running on an Android smart phone) playing against the… 83 more words