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sadness ends today

Because I am only sad when I am on a no-rice diet.
Because I will not get rich just by  whining and crying -unless I am an actor. 26 more words

Life In General

Ten years of blogging

Today I celebrate my tenth anniversary of blogging, an achievement that I’m particularly proud of and one few people can lay claim to. In January 2005 I started my very first blog, just at the moment when blogs started to become an important part of the internet. 706 more words


The self(ie) as brand

Love them or loathe them, the selfie is here to stay. The advent of lightweight camera phones, with technology to reverse the lens so it points directly at you, makes taking pictures of yourself so much easier than angling a camera at arm’s length (like in the old days of 2006). 650 more words


library technology

I am very much aware that my county library system is truly with it when it comes to technology. You know that I’ve been checking out eBooks ever since I first got my library card. 153 more words


"Did I adequately answer your condescending question?"

We can’t wait to see blackhat, the new Michael Mann film about computer hackers who take down the international banking system. In the meantime, our favorite film about computers and hackers continues to be “The Social Network.” Above is one of our favorite scenes from this film. What’s yours?


In response to...

1. if you are looking for a sign, this is it.


is my featured post secret for the week.

3.  if you’re thinking and not feeling it,  then don’t do it. 32 more words

Random Thoughts

Football weekend

My family was excited to watch the playoffs this weekend. Sadly I don’t enjoy professional football as much as they do but I also I wanted to spend time with whatever family member was around. 6 more words