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Currently having fun working diligently through the W3C School’s tutorials and quizzes in preparation (skill refresh) for a really great potential gig. 1 Tutorial and Quiz per day will land me fully reviewed on the day of meet up with potential client/employer.



Markets in infrastructure?

Why not? Brock Cusick‘s eloquent essay “Here’s an idea better than net neutrality” is by far the best thing we have read on this well-worn subject in some time. 28 more words


Happy Birthday Google Scholar

How great is Google Scholar? Special thanks to Anurag Acharya for his pivotal role in creating the specialized Google Scholar search engine. His creation is… 30 more words


Building a truly modern personal biblical library

Many years ago, my brother the pastor and professor, talked me into spending more money than I wanted to on a computer bible system. It was one of the first ones that was published and he had found it a real help in his sermon preparation. 612 more words


Software updating addiction

I train software for a living so it’s very hard for me to ignore software updates for any electronic devices when prompted. However this may not always be a good idea. 139 more words

Current Affairs

Turing Trials?

Is the current legal system broken or in need of repair? Instead of an endless number of motions, costly discovery, and randomly-selected jurors, why don’t we try… 75 more words