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Crowdsourcing the supreme court?

Note: the post was revised and expanded on 16 April 2014.

As things currently stand, nine members of a quasi-legislative committee meet in secret to decide some of the most important cases and controversies in the U.S. 225 more words

So what did we learn from US Airways incident?

Another classic example on how organizations can totally screw their social media if they did not monitor activities carefully. US Airways became the latest victim to social media disaster. 333 more words


Word for the iPad: is it really any good?

Microsoft Office for iPad is out, finally. I’ve whined here for a years about how the iPad isn’t really up to snuff for serious business work. 565 more words


Experience & Wisdom

Experience = learning from your mistakes
Wisdom = learning from OTHER people’s mistakes


Oculus and the Facebook of Tomorrow

A few quick caveats up front:

  • I’ve not used an Oculus Rift VR headset, and I’m not even much of a gamer anymore.
  • I’m working on multiple projects right now and I’m sleep deprived.
  • 948 more words
Articles And Books

Amazing Browser Proxy via Python

With thanks to my son, Greg.

You’ll find this article fascinating!


A quick critique of Nate Silver's new website

The new FiveThirtyEight website, which launched last Monday (17 March 2014), purports to offer data journalism in a wide variety of fields, not just politics (the original focus of the original FiveThirtyEight website), but also economics, science, sports, and (our favorite) “life”. 110 more words