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C'est fou comme le temps file

Ca y est la fin d’année arrive, noël a commencé en Octobre, crise oblige et commerce oblige. Les rayons se sont parés de tous les petits joujoux, on perd de la magie. 110 more words


Fiction Crowd Issue One is now LIVE!

There’s something you may have gotten from this website so far.

Or my novels.

Or my short stories.

Or the (dear sweet lord, have you SEEN how many poems I’ve flung against the walls here) myriad of other scribbles I’ve tossed to the wind. 336 more words


Guilty By Association

“Your honor, all I did was retweet…”

“This from the woman who wrote, ‘I Blew Up Juarez‘!”

“*sigh* Ya got me, yah honah, ya got me…” 142 more words



Hello everyone,

With the end of October coming up super fast, I thought I would share this autumn webzine that came out recently featuring 2 crafty projects that I did for DeSerres.   95 more words

Tulisan Panjang RAMAYANA SOUL di Disorder

Ramayana Soul ditulis cukup panjang dan menarik oleh webzine Disorder. Klik ke tautan berikut untuk membacanya.


Runaway Daydream on Plasma Dolphin

Check out my short illustrated story in the newest issue of Plasma Dolphin!


Yesterday's News - Traditional versus Modern Journalism

David Priest–AVC Navigator

Changing with the times is not easy for some. While there are many who embrace new ideas, there are also those who refuse to. 575 more words

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