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Why she's always my dear wife Karen

After hauling the 50-pound bag of gourmet food preferred by Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle to the car Sunday, I was informed by my dear wife Karen that I was getting dropped off at home before so she could tackle the supermarket stop all by her lonesome. 577 more words


Announcing the Launch of "An Anniversary to Remember"

“Getting married is easy. Staying married takes a little more effort.”

Cynthia Lueck Sowden aims to help couples celebrate the continuation of their marriages with the publication of the second edition of her book, “An Anniversary to Remember: Years One to Seventy-Five”. 91 more words


The Mayfairy's Guide to: Wedding Anniversary Gifts

My wedding anniversary is coming up, and, stumped for ideas, I decided to browse through the list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Note that I said… 609 more words

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