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If you’re reading this you’d really like your wedding decor to ROCK. So I’ve put together a few images from some of our favourite sites to show how you can do just that and without using lots of cash from the wedding kitty. 483 more words

Wedding DIY - Votives - DIY REVIEW!

For any of you who don’t know, I am getting married in 2 ish months. About 10 months ago, I started all my DIY projects for my wedding and quickly realized how overwhelming it is to DIY decor, bouquets, invites, Save the Date’s, etc. 422 more words



A show of hands then please, who’s heard of a S’more before? Nope? Me neither until this summer when the weddings I was working at seemed to have more and more ‘S’mores Stations’ set out for their evening guests. 295 more words

10 Autumn Wedding DIY Ideas

Halloween has passed but autumn is not over yet! Keep those pumpkins out, orange is the new black, and take advantage of the autumn foliage. Check out these awesome DIY ideas for a fall wedding below! 300 more words


Fabric Strips Wedding Decoration

Fabric Strips are a great wedding decoration and a great way to express who you are on your special day. This can be a DIY project or something you can buy at your local fabric store. 184 more words

M&J Bridal Salon


I’m sure you’ve never sat and thought about turning an old bike wheel into a beautifully simple ceremony dream catcher back drop right? Well this may make you think on… 289 more words

Sequin Wedding Decoration

Decorating your venue is one of the ways to become creative for your wedding. It brings  your imagination to life and represents who you are. I  have spotted a new sparkle trend in wedding decoration: and that is sequins. 118 more words

M&J Bridal Salon