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wedding planning advice: where to start?!

ok, so you’re engaged. first things first: post ring pics on all social media channels. done? good. (i’m totally kidding, by the way).

time to start planning your wedding. 1,106 more words


Wedding Planning 101: Skip the Orchids and Stay Sane

There’s this prevailing perception that planning a wedding is a series of tasks that will slowly take over one’s life. And there’s some truth to this too, trust me, but how much of the pressure we feel during this time is self-inflicted? 358 more words


Watch Out For These 5 Hidden Wedding Costs

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve likely created a budget that will cover all the major costs you’ve anticipated will pop up along the way. But what about those… 411 more words


Wedding Planning 101: No Rules!

When they say, “It is your day.” It really is your day!

Growing up, I had never really attended many weddings. I can actually only think of two weddings that I had ever attended before my own. 549 more words


Wedding Planning 101: Handmade via Etsy

So, you want a DIY Pinterest dream wedding, but you don’t have time to make all of your decorations or some things might just be a little too complicated to make on your own…  431 more words


Wedding Planning 101: Picking your Bridal Party

Nothing is more enjoyable then a wedding with an awesome Bridal Party – they really can make…..or break your day. As a wedding photographer I get to spend most of the day with the wedding party and have seen up close and personal how much of an affect they have and how much it permeates through to every detail. 445 more words

Wedding Planning 101

Wedding Planning 101: Setting a Date

When planning your wedding you have thousands of big and little decisions to make. This is one of the most important.  This will be you wedding anniversary and you would think it would be relatively easy decision, right?  501 more words

Wedding Planning 101