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Turn your marriage vows into a binding contract

Throughout most of recorded human history, marriage was a means for consolidating wealth, improving social status and creating a miniature labor force from the fruits of one’s loins. 888 more words

The Endless Circle of Love

You received an engagement ring from your fiance’ but have you wondered what it means?  Engagement rings and wedding bands represent many things in many cultures.  239 more words

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Us The Duo--How You Would Express Your Deepest Love if You Had Musical Talent

I was recently introduced to a group called Us the Duo in a private concert. If you haven’t seen their absurdly cute Youtube or Vine videos, just give it time. 139 more words

Study: Men Who Take Virginity Pledges Are Sexually Confused After Marriage

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – Men who vow to remain virgins until marriage get lots of support from their churches and friends, but after they get married that social support disappears. 378 more words


In Sickness and in Health- That means BOTH of us?

Breaking News: It’s not all about me. I’m serious here. I worry that you (and by ‘you’ I mean all of the incredibly fabulous people that have taken time to read my thoughts) might start to believe that my entire life revolves around “The Care and Keeping of a Tiffany.” And, some days, it feels that way. 908 more words


Wedding Vows

“The path that I have walked alone, I now share with you.  I want to travel this path together with you.  I hope that we will walk together always, side by side. 190 more words


Wedding Vows

I am a winner each and every time I go into the ring. – George Foreman

My friend mentioned this the other day.

Imagine you went to a wedding solemnization ceremony.

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