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The Vows

I was ready to conquer the world with you

Bear your name and fight for you

Hold and make love to you

Start our new life and run to you

Cherish and die with you


Simple For You To Save While Having Party Supplies

As the American economy started to tank, people looked around to find ways to save cash. They axed dinners out and expensive family a break. They groomed the dog themselves and spaced out their own haircuts just. 519 more words

Simple Wedding Vows Allow The Vow To Say What You Feel

How to Write Simple Wedding Vows?

Wedding vows that come from the heart sends all the right signals in the right direction. Vows have always been a strong tradition upheld at wedding ceremonies. 358 more words

Wedding Vows

Cultural Marriage: What's Wrong with this Picture? (Part 1)

I must not get out much.

Or, rather, I don’t really watch TV.  Yes, I have my favorite shows that I watch online (anyone else excited for Once Upon A Time Season 4???).   1,040 more words

The Wedding Guest - Part 3


The day of the wedding finally arrived, and wouldn’t you know, after weeks of beautiful weather, it was pouring down rain. And yet, the excitement of the day couldn’t be washed away by the deluge.   689 more words

Jagged Thoughts #42: Vows

Lisa when I met you I was lost, and alone.
You saved me from myself. You showed me that
I mattered, that I had meaning. 292 more words


Turn your marriage vows into a binding contract

Throughout most of recorded human history, marriage was a means for consolidating wealth, improving social status and creating a miniature labor force from the fruits of one’s loins. 888 more words