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What to wear for your wedding!? Of course, this has been and always will be a question of high importance in all times and all cultures. 518 more words

Santorini Photography

Photography: The Vic Park Wedding

I was pretty stoked to be included in this little secret Vic Park wedding. Bryan and Lisa only had their three children and Bryan’s brother’s family attending. 123 more words


The 18th & 19th; Back to my enviable life of excitement.

The 18th of November.

Ughhh I did not want to get up at half eight this morning but I had to be at the dental hospital at half ten and we couldn’t rearrange them… 393 more words


Getting Married

When a proposal for marriage is made, and is accepted, the natural state of things is to, well… get married.

Am I right?

I find it so weird that people wait so long to get married. 691 more words

Do what you Love

I love reading about successful women who have built their careers and businesses doing what they love to do and are passionate about.  This week one of Australia’s great leaders, Gail Kelly, announced she will stand down from her role as CEO of Westpac next year.   1,465 more words


November 1, 2014

He did not propose while my parents were here.

They just came to visit for no reason.

Am now embarrassed that I told everyone at the office he was proposing this weekend.