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Women's Fashion Trends That Should've Never Happened

There’s no denying that women are the best thing to happen to mankind since the invention of refrigeration and TV Dinners.
Women are in most ways smarter than men. 601 more words


Off to College... See You September 7th

A brisk breeze gust through the deserted park. At this time of day for the past few months, the playground has always been bustling with little children and their families. 221 more words


Loving Him Was Red

I don’t know why but I think I┬ádresssed like Taylor Swift in these pictures. Like an Asian Taylor or something. The red stripes and red lipstick makes me want to jam out to her song Red (which, I am actually doing). 130 more words


A Race Against Time in a Dress

 Mother M and I were going to take a mother-daughter trip up to a small town west of our home. It is the kind of place with that cute main street full of cafes and shops and boutiques and stuff. 268 more words


Pink Skirt and Flowers

It’s so weird to think how in less than 20 days, I will be departing on the most life-changing journey of my 18 years of existence. 230 more words


Another Tied Shirt Post

How awkward. The last outfit post I put up was basically a tied top, skirt, wedge heels, and a heart necklace. :0 It’s funny because they’re similar outfits but very different at the same time! 240 more words


Owls and Tulle

To be quite honest, there isn’t must to say about this outfit except I kind of threw it on after I got back from my second to last day with the babies. 162 more words