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Disneyland in the Rain for Wednesday Whimsy

We had that huge, severe rainstorm here in Southern California last week and a minor ripple was my plan to go to Disneyland. (Which was nothing compared to mudslides, a tornado, etc., that many people had to deal with.) My best friend and I go annually right around this time of year and in all the time we’ve done that, it’s only rained twice. 222 more words

Winter Fun for Wednesday Whimsy

I used to love walking the in the snow, having snowball fights, building snow forts…of course I lived in upstate New York at the time! One of my favorite sub genres of romance is the Christmas Regency. 117 more words

Love the Rain Wednesday Whimsy

I’m totally enjoying the rain in Southern California this week! There’s nothing I like better than curling up with  a good book (reread Nalini Singh’s… 427 more words

Pilgrims, Turkeys and More for Wednesday Whimsy

I’ve been saving some of my Victorian 1880’s trade cards for this week because they have the right theme. I’ve written before about being descended from Priscilla Mullins and John Alden (along with literally about  1,000,000 other people!), so I was thrilled to find the ad cards from “Alden Fruit Vinegar Company” that featured some of the family. 379 more words

Cooking Up A Storm for Wednesday Whimsy

Since next week is the American Thanksgiving holiday, which revolves around a feast and therefore lots of cooking and baking, I pulled some Victorian era trade cards that went with that theme for Wednesday Whimsy. 536 more words

Seashells and Mermaids Wednesday Whimsy

This week I’m showcasing some Victorian trade cards with shells and an oceanic theme…
“One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh… 214 more words

Blowing Bubbles for Wednesday Whimsy

A sure fire method for entertaining babies is to blow soap bubbles…well, come to think of it, that works for  amusing pretty much everyone! I’ve put together a fun little gathering of my Victorian trade cards around this… 217 more words