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The Cherubs Will Help You With Your Corset Now

Today’s Wednesday Whimsy is about the 1880’s corset and the Victorian trade cards advertising that essential ladies’ garment. I picked my favorite cards to share…. 206 more words

Wednesday Whimsy S Is For Shoes

S Is For Shoes and I’ve got more Victorian trade cards to share…it seems to have been quite a “thing” in 1880’s advertising to have a pretty shoe with a bouquet of flowers artfully arranged inside. 280 more words

October for Wednesday Whimsy

I LOVE the month of October! Yes, ok I was born in this month, but I generally love the cool, crisp Fall weather and this is my favorite time of the year.   387 more words

Risque Ladies of the 1880's for Wednesday Whimsy

I thought since we had Queen Victoria herself last week, this week I’d do “R Is for Risque Ladies” as my Wednesday Whimsy/A to Z Challenge post. 192 more words

Hakuna Matata - No Worries

Enjoy a song from The Lion King


P is for Parasol on Wednesday Whimsy

This week’s Wednesday Whimsy is all about the parasol….couldn’t find too many quotes about them, other than this one from author Anne Sexton, in a poem entitled “The Kite: “The parasol girls slept, sun-sitting their lovely years.” 265 more words

O is for Owls on Wednesday Whimsy

More Victorian 1800s trade cards from the collection today! They seem to have really loved owls in their advertising.

There was an entire series of these cards to the left, featuring the mother-in-law owl, who seemed to be perpetually disapproving, and then the two owls who were in love, plus random frogs.   255 more words