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Running Reflection: On Nature

A rather sad and disturbing thought occurred to the Ninja Turtle today while she was out struggling through a 12K-in-the-midday-heat run.

You see, running along the riverside is a marvellous way to connect with nature, what with all the cute ducks frolicking in the water and the excitable dogs walking their reluctant masters. 406 more words


Wednesday Wisdom: What If Money Was No Object?

What If Money Was No Object? How would you spend your time? Would you be doing what you’re doing now?

This short video features delivers a powerful message from a lecture of philosopher, writer, and speaker, Alan Watts, encouraging us to search and focus on what we really want to do and spend time doing it regardless of money. 242 more words

Pinnacle Performance Quotes

Wednesday Wisdom 17/09/2014

“Adoption is hard. Don’t be afraid of something because it looks impossible. That is how God most easily show’s His might; by presenting you an opportunity to glorify Him, then carrying you through it, and by leaving your testimony for the benefit of all.”



Wednesday Wisdom: Go with the flow

I’m a big advocator of going with the flow. Not in a lazy way, or as a surrender to my situation  and surroundings. In my opinion, going with the flow doesn’t mean giving up – it means having enough faith to lean in. 137 more words


Wednesday Wisdom - Enjoy life...

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is exactly what it says on the tin (well, title)…


Wednesday Wisdom: Jim Elliot

Wherever you are,

be all there.

- Jim Elliot