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We Drink Because We're Poets Prompt #6 - Reverse acrostic

small fish fermented in jars

baked in the sun, amphora with

clay tops smooth & wet – i 

would try it, slurp

desiccated scales with a maw… 24 more words

From a Photo - Story Prompt #5 - April 18, 2014

Hello folks!

Last week’s photo was of a train rolling into a station…here is what some of our reader’s did with that photo:

Don’t Cross That Line|Lisa Goodwin… 184 more words

Creative Writing

Shipwreck (Reverse Acrostic)

Cleverly swirling, brilliant white gulls /
avoid fickle seas in their black wrath. /
Yet year after year, proud Ambarli /
sacrifices another frail ship / 102 more words

Pixelventures' Photo Finish! April 16, 2014

Hello Folks!

First of all I’d like to thank all of you who read and commented the post.  Illusions seemed rather easy to me, but I discovered that that was not so true for you!  313 more words


Gamgee Gargoyle (Senryu)

stony facepalm /
Gamgee Gargoyle is displeased – /
cute bunnies? really? /

bunnies and flowers /
Gamgee Gargoyle cringes – /
the cute – it hurts / 53 more words


The setting sun/

paints the sky pink/

trailing fingers of night.


In response to Bastet’s Pixelventures-April 15, 2014: Dusk



From the Shipwreck

Gold will rise. For monarchs most catholic

an edifice of soaring peace, limitless idea

gilded silence, echo-stone, hidden art

O stranger, let your heart-breath

bless the spirits who bought this spire… 59 more words