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Bastets Pixelventures ~ People & Dusk

I have just discovered the joy of Bastet’s Pixelventures.  I have sneaked two photo prompts in to one in this post because having just come back from holiday, the kids going to school etc, I just missed last weeks, but had a photo I really wanted to show and thought suitable. 659 more words


Pixelventures' Photo Finish

Hello World!

Last week we had an interesting group of photos prompted by Pixelventures’ prompt:  dusk.

First of all I’d like to thank all you who participated and I would advise if you haven’t done so yet, to go have a look at these bloggers posts, it’s well worth your efforts. 356 more words


His money deposited, his soul saved...

“Go back in the house.”
That’s all he said, without a backward glance.
A modern-day Faust
I watched him through the blinds.

You know how they talk among themselves. 67 more words


Boisterous Hidden Robin (Elfje - Haiku - Elfje)

boisterous /
hidden robin –  /
a persistent silhouette – /
lends the oak his /
irritation /

vigilant robin /
carefully watches his nest /
22 more words

S is for Sand Dunes

When visiting Peru, one of the places to include on your list is the Ica Region, also known to the Peruvians as the “Land of the Sun”.   270 more words

Stuff We Love

Always a Popular Place for Lunatics

Rain splashing on metal and leather,

and running down. This camping in heather

a mistake; he had no notion whether

the storm would abate. He felt for the feather… 142 more words


the crepuscular hour

A sight to hearten shepherds and city folk alike. Thinning, cirrus clouds net the red, spectral light of sundown, heralding fair weather on the horizon. … 45 more words

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