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Remove Weeds with Experienced Weed Spraying Service Providers in Your Locality

Weeds are referred to as plants and undergrowth in gardens or an open scrub. These are basically unwanted and needs to be removed. Weeds are at times referred to as insects or unwanted elements in the crop fields. 329 more words

Brisbane Weed Spray

How to care for your roses

 Part 1

In  my  line  of  work  I  often  get  asked  get  asked  by  advise  by  my  many  clients  on  the  correct way  to  look  after  a  rose . 576 more words

Pest & Disease Control

Herbicide Use Conserves Water, Tripling Sorghum Yields

Sorghum is grown primarily in Great Plains states where it is used as a livestock feed. Early grain sorghum production generally involved clean tillage for weed control which eliminated most surface residues. 277 more words


To Err is Human, To Redo is Annoying: How NOT to build a gravel pathway, and how to fix it afterwards.

You learn a lot as a first time home owner. About half of that learning comes from making costly mistakes. My pea gravel pathways are a prime example of that. 1,004 more words


The crab apple tree

I’ve been feeling decidedly under the weather over the last couple of weeks and wouldn’t therefore have expected to have leapt out of bed with any gusto this morning. 222 more words


Weeding in a Dynamic Landscape: A Goal Oriented Strategy

The Over Thinking Series, part two

Weeding seems simple enough, but that’s the problem with simple things…they often aren’t.

Ugh! Gronk see weed??? !!!Gronk pull weed!!! 8,307 more words


Landscaping Maintenance Tips

1. Weed control. Frequent lawn mowing, watering, fertilization and soil amendment will help keep your lawn healthy. When weeds do crop up, they are best treated with a contact, selective herbicide or by hand removal. 90 more words