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Reverie of a Rusted Car

My reverie was interjected by the sharp thump of a rusted car door. I peered dreamily over the balcony lip – that elegant concrete edge in an otherwise purely glass and steel apparition that is my inner city apartment – to the street below. 393 more words


Malota’s hidden outlets

December 2009

By Hillary Tembo

Malota compound, known for its wild endeavors ranging from crime to prostitution, binge drinking and one catastrophe that one would easily notice around is the smoking thing. 415 more words


Weed chronicles

since around the age of 14 I have dabbled and enjoyed smoking pot on a frequent scale, however since September last year I have had to stop. 141 more words

Health And Fittness

An Elegant Weapon Episode CX…The Stoned Scribe

Andy “The Writer” Vega of The Adventures of Superstoner returns! We chat about the Cannabis Cup ’14, meeting Tommy Chong, Star Wars news, comics and a whole lot more!  9 more words

New Episodes

Easy To Ignore

Unlike the bright red blossom in yesterday’s post (“Hard To Ignore,” 07.23.14), the lowly dandelion is easy to ignore…unless it happens to be growing in the middle of your dark green lawn, where its bright yellow blooms are sure to stand out. 70 more words


The NFL is making it really hard for me to love it so much

Want to hear a good joke? So a 218-pound man walks into an elevator. Now this man has probably been drinking a little bit, since he’s at a casino, so he gets into a bit of an argument with his girlfriend, who is also on the elevator. 991 more words