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Visit to Chinatown

I’ve always loved Chinatown. I spent a semester in college in NYC and would go to Chinatown all the time. I would walk into markets and point at things I wanted to buy and then, with the happiness that comes only from giving a gift from yourself to your soul, I would bite into red bean cakes, or rice balls or egg curds. 724 more words

Ancient China

Week 10

My personal experience with structural inequality can be similar and different to that of others. I went to a Catholic high school that seemed like it had a lot of money. 322 more words

Packers Unstoppable So Far At Lambeau

The Philadelphia Eagles’ complicated signals and innovative statistics were no match for an MVP-contending quarterback and a team playing its best football of the season. 1,182 more words


Eagles Head Coach: Rodgers Is As Good As They Get

No matter how much film you watch, you never can really get a feel for how good a player is until you see him with your own eyes. 140 more words


Week 10

we have a working motor!

Now there’s finishing soldering the LCD shield screen for on front of the ReVender and programming it to match the println(counter);

Week 10 recap: Just win, baby!

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It wasn’t pretty. It’s wasn’t convincing. But it was victory number four of a torrid season for the Salford Bloggers.

That fourth win also came with a stroke, or strokes, of good fortune – uncharacteristic of the way the Bloggers’ 4-6 season has unfolded so far. 937 more words

Fantasy Football

Turning A Sliced Image Into An HTML Webpage:Four Cup Coffee

Turning A Sliced Image Into An HTML Webpage

  1. Open Dreamweaver CC and Set up your <div>s first.
  2. Set widths and appropriate floats for each.
  3. Then begin your slicing.
Dreamweaver CC