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A new leaf

Week 10- Stylised Trees 

I can’t believe we’re already onto the last project of the term, it’s gone by so quickly and yet I feel like I’ve been here for at least a year already. 709 more words

Visual Design

#slowmoMonday: Week 10 in the NHL

Watch the best of the super slow-mo cameras from week 10 of the NHL regular season. #slowmoMonday


Week 10 - December 1 - Oral History and Performance

Session led by Dr Ananda Breed

This session will explore the Youth Theatre for Peace project (2010-2014) in relation to environmental aesthetics and engaged participatory practices towards tolerance building in Central Asia. 1,108 more words

Week 10 Lecture

In this lecture, we explored the Youth Theatre for Peace project, as well as the environmental aesthetics and the practices used for tolerance building that are related to the project. 324 more words


Candy Land Adventure Map

Originally the inspiration came from the wallpaper that I use for my google search engine:

We then looked at the maps used for the dungeon and dragon games: 40 more words

Creative Elements

MDA1700 Vertigo - Psychoanalysis and Cinematic Spectatorship

For this week the film we watched was vertigo and we dove into the psychology of the character and film itself. We investigated into why people go to watch films repeatedly as it might be ritualistic to some. 350 more words

MDA1700 (HEN) Communicating In Film: Styles And Movements