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day 47 - wednesday

Today was very productive – second to last day of work this summer!

I finished editing all the teacher worlds and uploaded them to the lesson plans page. 122 more words

Week 10

day 46 - tuesday

I finished uploading my portion of the teacher lesson plans onto the website. There were some formatting errors that I had to clear up and I checked all the links that I added to the page. 109 more words

Week 10

Week 10 Fantasy LCS Positional Rankings and Match-up Analysis

Rankings for the week factors in prior performance, strength of schedule, match-ups, and also arbitrary inclinations. Use as a guide when setting your lineups. Good luck!  1,746 more words
League Of Legends

Summer 2014 - Week 10

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii guys,

I hope all your lives are swell. It’s weird doing this on a Tuesday since I was busy for once on a Monday. First Monday in a while that I didn’t dread. 675 more words

College Life

day 45 - monday

This week will be my last week of work! However, I am going to continue my research with Professor Rodger in the fall as a part of the CSURF program. 251 more words

Week 10

W10_IDN_Block Valuation

1. Problem Definition
Block Alpha situated in Sumatera will be expired in 2027. Government wants to calculate value of the block. ssume the block only produces oil and oil split for Government and Contractor is 85% and 15%, respectively. 232 more words

Week 10

W10.0 – Ahmed AL-Abri-EMV

1. Problem Definition

In this blog we would like compare between two options and they are buy a house or buy a land and build a house.

Week 10