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If she is “Single”,

         She is ought to “Mingle”

The world is “paired” in two,

           As if she didn’t “knew” !


She is sick of this “advice” 76 more words

Day 118: Saturday 9th August


I’m not a fan of amusement rides. I have a weak stomach and can’t cope unless my feet are firmly on the ground. This ride is my version of hell. 11 more words


Prengancy Update: Week 17

Soooo, exciting news of the week: I finally felt the baby! Fo’ realz. I’m so freaking excited.

I first felt in on Friday afternoon when I was driving home from work. 485 more words

Day 117: Friday 8th August

“Happy Horses”

A busy little day today. Lunch and amusements fun with some friends, then another evening at the beach. We got back just in time as the sky opened and we were treated to such a thundery downpour!

Day 8. Selfie


Day 116: Thursday 7th August


We went to Rathlin Island today, a small island off the North Coast. Unfortunately (for me) this means travelling on a boat. Twice. But The Kid had never been on one before, so it was such an adventure for her! 48 more words


Day 115: Wednesday 6th August

“Best Day”

Today was one of my favourite ever days. Ballintoy Harbour to hunt for shrimp and tiny fish, then out to the beach as the sun was going down for end-of-year fun. 24 more words


Day 114: Tuesday 5th August

“Ice Creams”

The Boy and The Kid went swimming today while I went for a walk to get a new hoodie. Went to Portstewart in the evening for a walk and a Morellis ice cream – the best in the land! 10 more words